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    Baking videos - watch and share

    Hi! She does use a towel to roll up the cake and "train" the roll. I might try Anna's idea sometime, but I've had repeated success with roulades based on the simple "Asian style" cake roll I found online. Separated eggs, contains oil which keeps it light but pliable, and baked in a water...
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    Baking videos - watch and share

    Another unusual (to me, at least) trchnique from Canadian baker Anna Olson: in this chocolate Swiss roll, she added a cooked sugar syrup (to 239 degrees F, about 115C, or soft-ball) and added that to the whisked whole eggs, saying it kept the sponge cake pliable. I’d never seen this method, has...
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    Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread in Hawaii Question

    I've been playing with sourdough, and I generally end up using whole wheat in my starter, and then about 25-30% of my remaining flour by weight. I use the general principles outlined in the Bake With Jack instructions, which end up being a dough that is not kneaded, but initially stirred...
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    What are your cookie preferences?

    I love cookies! Many types. I do love a slightly warm, chewy, gooey, chocolate chip cookie -- and recently tried a Cooks Illustrated version with browned butter and it's my new favorite recipe. I also love a crispy, thin biscuit like Biscoff and other spice cookies. I made these little...
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    Cuban bread recipe?

    Si! It's a long bread shaped like a wider French baguette, with a thin crispy crust and a light fluffy crumb. In Florida it's pretty easy to find at the supermarket. (The Walmart Neighborhood Market has something called Puerto Rican Bread which is much like Cuban bread, not sure how they...
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    Info on KitchenAid mixer KS M5

    Wow, I'm even later to this, but I think you scored! Especially if it came with all those extras, the splash guard thingy included. This is I think a link to the user manual online, which might be helpful...
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    Stem ginger

    Just jumping in to say that I've been keeping an eye out for stem ginger in various shops, but haven't found it. I have, however, seen Lyle's Golden Syrup. I found it in a small glass bottle in The Fresh Market here in Orlando, FL, and I believe the larger Publix Supermarkets have it in a...
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    Cuban bread recipe?

    I'm wondering whether anyone here has a great Cuban bread recipe to share?
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    Baking videos - watch and share

    Thanks! I really picked one where she went off the beaten path, but those are the ones I especially like. While I very much doubt I'll ever make the three components together, I may try just the pudding sometime, or just the pastry for something else. Recently I saw a video of hers for a...
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    Baking videos - watch and share

    The link didn't work for me either. I did a search and wonder whether VoluntaryBaker was talking about the series from Townsends? They do lots of Colonial-America cooking, baking, and houseware videos which are fascinating. This is a link to their series of bread baking videos: They are a...
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    Baking videos - watch and share

    Aaaaaaaagh, I’ve been away for too long! Thank you, Becky, for the newsletter, which drew me back in. :) I have gotten way too addicted to YouTube videos, on cooking, baking, gardening, even vintage hairstyles which I am trying with less success than breads and braised dishes. One source I...
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    Key Lime Roll Cake

    This is my go-to Swiss roll recipe. It's something I looked for, based on the Asian-style roll cakes I've gotten, with a light oil making it very pliable, and eggy but not too egg-rich like some I tried. It's also metric, which has made it very easy for me to scale up or down in size in a...
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    Banana bread flavor

    I saw an interesting YouTube video (very homey, not professional cooks or anything) where the young woman took a whole bunch of very overripe bananas, then microwaved them in a bowl covered with plastic, and essentially squeezed the liquid out of the flesh, then concentrated it in a pan over...
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    Bread from Ruby Tuesday's: dark light sweet bread

    Hi, Colleen (new member)! I'm glad I got an Email notifying me of the reply or I'd have missed it. Not spending as much time online as I used to, outside of the bustling lost-and-found-pet hobby which keeps me busy trying to match up pets. Last Thanksgiving, I made an assortment including...
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    Please HELP!

    I would personally skip heating the tomato mixture. I use instant yeast most of the time, but even active dry yeast will activate, albeit more slowly, in room temperature liquid, and you won't be in danger of overheating it which will kill the yeast. Unless you temped the warmed tomato mixture...