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    Do you wear a hair net for cooking?

    I really don't worry about it at home. I think there is too much emphasis on killing all bacteria and that all bacteria is bad for you - no it is not. The gut need bacteria, in fact it is the bacteria/micromes in our gut that enable us to live in the first place. I know finding hair in your...
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    Cake pans

    I have a single nail that is like that all the time. It has been like that for all of my life and the only solution I have come up with to stop it flaking is to use superglue. The kind that they use for stitches nowadays. You leave it on as a layer and it works really well for stopping it...
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    Your favorite icing look

    The lilac/purple one is the one that appeals the most to me. Next is the pink. I actually don't like the blue one at all. It sort of looks dumb and too plain and suggests to me way too much sugar and heaviness. I can't explain it. I don't realy like the yellow one either, but the blue one is...
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    Reducing Sugar

    I have found that they either don't notice or don't comment. More often the don't notice and I simply slowly reduce the amount of sugar in a recipe I make frequently until I have found the level where I consider it to be too low. Then next time round I will up it slightly to see if I have the...
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    FREE Brand New Cooking Thermometers!

    I would love to, but is this limited to solely USA residents? You don't say and this forum is worldwide and some of us are not in the US.
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    Bread frustrations

    What recipe are you using? Soft bread rolls have a different recipe to normal bread. Are you using white or wholemeal flour? Strong bread flour or normal? Without more information we can't really help you other than to work blind and it is so much easier with information.
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    Vegan chocolate

    I honestly don't think the concept of vegan white chocolate exists. I'm trying hard to remember my truffle making course right now where I made the chocolate from its components and, well making vegan white chocolate would require the cocoa being left out and that would mean only a slight...
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    What is your favorite pastry?

    I guess it is sweet chestnut chocolate torte. It is pretty much a European thing and very easy to make. It is very similar to lemon torte just with dark chocolate and sweet chestnuts instead. I did enjoy pain au chocolate rather a lot when we were in France. No one can make them like the French...
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    Shredded Wheat Bread

    It gets good reviews though the amount of molasses concerned me. I can't imagine what it would taste like, must the idea of putting a breakfast cereal into bread kind of puts me off to be honest. I also can't quite imagine it as white bread which it is! To me shredded wheat if it was going to go...
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    Favorite source for recipes

    I think it depends on what it is I am looking for, but I will reach for my cookbooks before I try the internet and I will only cook off a printed copy of something if it is from the internet. I'm not a huge fan of some of these recipe archives online. They are not very good because they rely on...
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    Best cake flour

    I just use self raising or plain flour. I think that equates to self rising or all purpose flour. I don't bother with cake mixes, and have never heard of cake flour but then we have different options over here. I have just made a loaf of bread with strong white flour, something I rarely if...
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    Gross recipes you'd never try?

    OK - Deep fried butter is a new one on me. Where on earth do they sell that? And more to the point why? Yuck.... Just the thought of eating butter outright. At least with a mars bar (or snickers bar - they fry them as well) there is something vaguely edible inside! Shudders at the thought...
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    Gross recipes you'd never try?

    Can I mention Deep fried mars bars, or deep fried snickers? Or perhaps deep fried pizza? Or perhaps a cheese burger...
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    Healthy eating

    He is an orthpoedic surgeon with a background in neurology. Best of both worlds!
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    Parchment Paper

    I always have a roll of greaseproof paper (as it is known in the UK) handy in the kitchen because it is so very useful and I have to confess to feeling lost when I am in a kitchen without any. It doubles very successfully, as a cake tin liner and for wrapping cooked cakes in once they are cool...