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    I love ladyfingers. I have used them in the past when making tiramisu, which I love. I know they're used in other desserts, but I can't think of any others off hand. Kroger had ladyfingers on a deep discount the other day, so I snagged two packages. I wish I'd grabbed more, actually, since the...
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    anybody work in a bakery?

    If you're still interested in working at a bakery, you could use this time to pull together a portfolio of sorts, with your past creations, and maybe look to see which areas you could fill out with new creations. It would seem that some would probably be hiring for the holiday season, since...
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    Win money with your recipes

    I came across this page of recipe contests the other day when I was looking for a recipe. I love Taste of Home, it's a great site with lots of nice family tested recipes, and I've been using the site and magazine for years to obtain my recipes. I don't have many original recipes, but I know some...
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    Making chips at home

    My two favorite ways to eat hummus are either on pita chips or directly from the spoon. Sometimes I'll just grab a spoonful for an afternoon snack if my energy is lagging. I haven't made it from scratch yet, but hope to in the future. I don't think it would be that difficult. I still haven't...
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    Baking some Finnish bread today

    That looks really hearty. I thought it would be savory, also. With those ingredients, it seemed it would be for sure. I'm always interested in things that don't need to be kneaded, or require little kneading. I'll have to look up treacle. I've heard of it before, but can't recall what it is.
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    Pizza Monkey Bread

    I don't know. I don't recall if people I've spoken to outside of the U.S. are familiar with it or not. It's an easy recipe, and is quick to pull together if you suddenly have people coming over. It is always a hit, especially with children, since they enjoy eating with their hands/fingers...
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    Big Soft Ginger Cookies

    That's funny, because I've heard others say scones are more difficult and cookies easier, but maybe that's because our scones here in the U.S. tend to be different than what you make. Many here start off with baking cookies when they're children, then graduate to more difficult things. I have...
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    Low carb Plum Cake

    @Becky Did you change the amounts of the ingredients, or keep those the same and use a different sized pan? It looks absolutely delicious. This could probably be made year round with canned plums, as well. Do you make your own almond flour and coconut flour? I've seen almond flour in some stores...
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    Pizza Monkey Bread

    I know we were talking recently about monkey bread, and I mentioned I'd seen some savory recipes for it. Here's one that I think I will try at some point. My monkey bread pans are half sized, so I guess I could use this recipe and split the ingredients between the two pans, or just substitute a...
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    Big Soft Ginger Cookies

    I have come across recipes for ginger ice cream (or sorbet) in the past, but at the time, i wasn't as much of a ginger fan as I am now. That's something I might want to give a try, although I might wait for that until next year. I do have an ice cream maker, so it would be easy enough to do...
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    What's your favorite sweet treat to bake?

    I tend to bake according to the season, so my favorites change from time to time. I always bake pizzelle at the holidays and I'm starting to crave those, as well as waffles. I make huge batches of waffles and freeze them, then take them out one or two at a time as needed. Since I store the...
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    Great British Bake Off 2016

    It seems shows these days only last so long without shutting down entirely, or being gobbled up by another station. I've only seen one season of it, and I enjoyed what I did watch. I had others on the DVR, but then had some sort of incident where the DVR had to be replaced and I lost all of my...
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    Making chips at home

    I haven't tried making these yet, although I did post a recipe for how to do so in another thread here. I haven't had the pita bread on hand yet to try out the recipe. I have made my own potato chips in the past, from scratch, and love those. They're delicious and thin, and I know there are no...
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    anybody work in a bakery?

    I have have, but if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I would like to work in the neighborhood bakery near where I grew up. Back there, there is a bakery on every block, and each one pretty much specializes in a different type of product. The one I loved best was a Swedish bakery and they...
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    Simple Pull-Apart Monkey Bread

    I was getting my cheesecake pan from storage the other day and came across my monkey bread pans, so I also grabbed those and washed them up. I'm planning on putting them to use soon. I like to make two small ones, that way I can keep one and share the other with the neighbors. It is a very easy...