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    Cookie cutter/press and baking sheet

    Thank you, Yes we seem to have the same problem here. All dark metal baking trays. Will try reducing the temp. MM
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    Cookie cutter/press and baking sheet

    Please help! Ive tried a few cookie cutters/press much to my dissappointment. My good old faithfull went missing years ago and have just since been doing the good ol rolling into balls and flatten simply because I cant find one just like my old one. I just cant remember the make. So, please...
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    Sponge cake texture

    Just a thought, could you maybe overbeating?
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    Good day Friendly Bakers, I normally make a Xmas cake called 'Last Minute Xmas Cake' but never do it at the last minute except this year. Have not left myself much time to feed the cake! Question: Can one or does one feed the cake when its just been baked and out of the oven. Want to get at...
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    Eggs - cupboard or fridge

    Mine come from the supermarket shelf to mine. I use so many they don't have time to go off.
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    Replacing eggs in baking

    Thank you. I am going to try the unsweetened apple puree using tinned pie apples. Another question please. On the same line of vegan baking. My rusk recipe uses buttermilk so will try almond milk. Now I know one can make buttermilk adding lemon juice to milk but here is the silly question...
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    Replacing eggs in baking

    I have a niece who is now vegan and I normally make her a batch of rusks which contain two eggs. What substitute can I use and how much per egg. Thank you very muich M x
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    Blueberries sinking!

    Good day all, Not sure if this is a disaster but need help please. Yesterday I tried a recipe for the first time, a lemon and blue berry loaf and the blueberries sunk! I used fresh blueberries, frozen but thawed. Should I have tossed them in flour like one does with cherries. It was...
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    Cupcake Mixture

    Good Day, I made the mistake of making a batch of cupcake mixture which I normally halve. Can the mixture stand while the first lot is baking.20-30 minutes. Its the normal sponge recipe. Thanks in advance Mrs Mosey
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    Cookie Sheets

    Thank you, you have been most helpful. My oven is spot on as nothig else burns and yes the pans are dark metal which I think gets too hot. I will try and double pan and lower the heat ~ this makes sense. Thanks again Mrs Mosey
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    Cookie Sheets

    Good day, I am new here so please bare with me. Not sure if I am in the right topic. My cookie sheet has had its day and I cant find the correct size for my oven ( I need a bigger one!) The two trays which came with the oven are perfect but they burn the bottoms of the cookies, biscuits, scones...