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    Quick fix for cakes that didn't rise to their potential

    You could always make them in to petit fours by cutting them in to small shapes and layering them with some jam or lemon curd. Then cover with pourable fondant.
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    Butterfly Cake

    This Pic is too funny! How does anyone messup something so simple so badly. The butterfly cake looks like it woould be pretty easy. Give it a try.
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    Meal subscription boxes

    Has anymore tried of those meal subscription boxes , they send you all the ingredients to cook meal along with recipe cards. It this something you would like to try ore is it a waste of money?
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    Homemade Peeps?!

    These seem like alot of effort to go though just for peeps. Does anyone ready love peeps ? I idon't think so they are just one of those treats people eat because they are in season. Besdes if you make a batch of peeps you may eat the whole batch.
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    Long or short nails?

    Long nails look good but they can be impracticle. If you look around there are some nail art ideas that look just a god on shorter nails.
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    Which Cookies freeze the best?

    Just about any cookie can be frozen before it is baked, You just have to ude the right method for the right dough. Many cookies can be made in to dough balls and then frozen. This way you can bake dozen or a single cookie at a time. Make sure to wrap them tightly and use freze safe bags.
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    Let kids cook for the animals!

    I always thought it was silly to bake for your pets. Then saw the over priced doggy goodies they sell at the pet shop and how much all the pet love them . This is a good way to save money and a gift that pet lover can not get enough of.
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    poor service at restaurant

    I had a bad experiencewith a waitress at a restaraunt. I did leave a tip but I did so in loose change . I think she got the point. She was well are that her service was less than good .
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    Cookies and Ice Cream? Check this out

    I like the idea of this but I don't want to bake on the outside of my muffin tins. I think I would rather make a bowl inside th tin by pressing some shape inside to create a cup. I have seen this done by using a spice bottle.
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    What is a great Gift for a Friend or Love One who bakes?

    If you want to get creative I would suggest putting together a set of laminated recipe cards. Look for those old recipes that are hard to find and have been hand down over the years. Try to find some very unique recipe to share. Make sure to print me in large font that is easy to read and on...
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    Alternatives to corn starch?

    Have you tried arrowroot powder? Also mixing your cornstarch with the butter or oil in the recipe with make the taste less noticeable.
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    Alternatives to fat in sweet baking recipes

    greek yougurt or fruit prurees are a good way to cut the fat in you baking recipes. I have also heard that you can use baby food in place of some of the butter and oils.
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    Making Croutons

    The popcorn toppings that comes in the shakers like spices are great for making croutons. Just cut you breand in to squares and then toss in melted butter sprinke iwth the seasoning and bake until crisp.
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    Clearance candy

    I love stocking up on clearance candy. Cut up candy peices are great in cookies and brownies or even a fun surprise in a cake pop. Seasonal cany id the best because you get those rare flavors.
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    Do You Put Cream In Your Coffee?

    I have started doing this with evaporated milk and flavored extracts. I like it much better because the ones you buy are presweetened , this way you can controll the amount of sugar in your coffee.