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    Malt Loaf for Diabetics

    Thank you both. She is allowed honey but only a tablespoon and also I double checked on diabetic sites and they also say 1tbs of brown sugar is ok as it breaks down in the baking. I will probably just use honey and give it a deeper flavour by soaking the fruit in tea x
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    Malt Loaf for Diabetics

    Good Morning everyone I have a lady I look after that loaves me baking bread for her. She has asked me to make her Maltloaf or a fruit loaf. She is diabetic so I am very aware of the amount of sugar that I should omit Any idea on how to sweeten it with out artificial sugars as she doenst like...
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    Bread making machine - does this qualify as baking?

    I love my bread maker. I can be creative and add various ingredients to the mix and leave the machine to do the mixing, proving and baking.Its so nice to wake up to a fresh loaf in the morning. I dont have time stand and watch my bread so the machine is a winner for me
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    Game of Thrones Direwolf - Cheddar Cheese and Rosemary

    Wow this not only sounds like it tastes lovely it looks good too! I think this will be net bread. not sure if I will be as artisitc as you though lol. I may just leave it to the breadmaker to do x
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    Honey Seeded Batch Loaf

    Since purchasing a bread maker a few months ago, we haven't purchased a loaf from the supermarket. We regularly buy flour and other bits and pieces and get more out of it then buying a loaf, plus we aren't wasting as much as shop purchased. Here is my recipe for my Honey seeded loaf...
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    Sun Dried Tomato Bread with Balsamic Vinegar

    When I make it for myself I use wholemeal. However, my lady prefers white. It works with either :) hope you enjoy it x
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    Sun Dried Tomato Bread with Balsamic Vinegar

    lol thanks. I suppose it is an option. I make it regularly for one of my ladies I look after ( I am a Carer). She loves food cooked from scratch and as she is blind, I do it for her. She loves this toasted or as an accompaniment with a bowl of soup
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    Sun Dried Tomato Bread with Balsamic Vinegar

    Hi I had some sun dried tomatoes in a jar in the cupboard along side other ingredients so thought I would try a little experiment and WOW the smell and taste is wonderful. So here goes:- for a 900g loaf (approx) 230ml water 2 tsp oil from sun-dried tomatoes 4 tsp Balsamic Vinegar 350g bread...
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    What kitchen tool or gadget could you not do without?

    I havent been on here for a while, but since my last post I have purchased a bread maker. I love this machine. I make a fresh loaf every other day. I haven't purchased a loaf from a shop in 3 months. It certainly prevents me from worrying if the Supermarket shelves are empty of bread when the...
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    Do you prefer real butter or margarine?

    certainly butter as it is more natural. I do worry what i read about margarine. I would rather deal with fat than too may trans fats which seem to hide in margarine. According to this article and many other Heart Foundation sites, butter is actually better for you than margarine...
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    What kitchen tool or gadget could you not do without?

    I have a few things. I love my slow cooker, with the weather turning now it is nice to chuck meat and veg in with stock and leave it to cook. I also had a new electric whisk bought for me as well. I used to do everything by hand and now I can't figure out why I did that! Especially whisking egg...
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    From Scratch

    I think it was an apple crumble at school. That was years ago, crikey I feel really old now lol. It turned out pretty well. I remember we made a chocolate cake one time at school and my friend used peanut butter instead of regular butter. She used the same quantity and it was totally yum! It...
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    Buying baked goods

    I cheated yesterday and bought 15 cookies for £2. I was tired and needed a treat although I didnt eat them all! I found them really greasey to be honest so I prefer mine as I can control the fat content which leaves the cookie more crunchy.
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    Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

    I use dark chocolate mainly as I find some milk chocolate can cause the cake to split because of its fat content. I do use milk choc bits in cookies and I also like to use hersey coco powder as well.
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    Wanted: cookie recipes from around the world!

    I live in Wales, Im not Welsh but my favourit are Welsh cakes or Welsh cookies as they are known in the USA I like to make mine with raisins and chocolte as well. There was a lady who made them fresh for you in my local market and she add orange and...