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  1. Laurie M.

    Banana Bread

    Hello all, I want to make banana bread today, but with virus/quarantine I'm limited to the 2 very small overripe bananas I have. Do I need to add more liquid to the batter to make up for the fact that I don't have the full amount of mashed banana? Like add extra oil or something? Or can I just...
  2. Laurie M.

    Can I "rebake" something?

    No toaster oven, but definitely plenty of cookie sheets! I bet that would be good, "toasting" a slice of date-nut bread like that. And I never even thought of the microwave! I could try each method with the remaining 2 loaves. Thank you for your advice!
  3. Laurie M.

    Can I "rebake" something?

    My date-nut bread came out beautifully brown, and before I took it out of the oven I tested the center with a wooden skewer. It came out clean(ish) (tiny crumbs attached but this is a sticky bread!) with no gooey batter. I let it cool a few hours (not easy!) and sliced one slice at a time over...
  4. Laurie M.

    Eggs in rolled chocolate cookie recipe

    Hi, I'm planning to make rolled and cut chocolate cookies (crunchy-ish) and the recipe calls for 2 "extra large eggs" but the free-range eggs I buy aren't very big. They're called "large" but look on the small side of large. Should I add a third egg, or would the cookies end up with a weird...
  5. Laurie M.

    Savory quickbread vs. sweet quickbread

    Hi, I've been wondering if I could use a lot less sugar when I bake banana bread or pumpkin bread because I don't like it to be too sweet, so I asked a professional cook (via twitter) how much I could reduce the sugar by in a quickbread recipe and he said don't do it, it will ruin the texture...