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  1. Shellyann36

    Dollar Store Cookies

    I have bought cookies from the dollar store before. Dollar General has a nice soft chocolate chip cookie that I like. When I am craving them and don't have the ingredients I will buy a container. There are not too many in the container and they are a bit over $1 but it solves my craving for...
  2. Shellyann36

    Are You Giving Homemade Cookies as Gifts?

    Nearly every year I make cookies and give them out as gifts. I buy the pretty Christmas themed cookie tins at the dollar stores and I make cookies. I try to stick to simple and easy recipes, such as sugar cookies, no bake cookies and a few other ones. I find that several people are very...
  3. Shellyann36

    Peppermint Cookie Balls

    These sound great and so easy to make. I think I would go with @violabeatle and use the mint extract in place of the schnapps. Just a little bit will work and give them the minty flavor. I will be trying these. I wish I had seen this recipe before going shopping. I would have bought some...
  4. Shellyann36

    Peppermint Cake

    @MyDigitalpoint I love the way it turned out. Much like the picture that @Christine Mlinek posted except the cake was red and white. It looked amazing when they cut a huge chunk of it out. @TheViper I am not sure about the recipe (I did not hear them actually giving out the recipe) just...
  5. Shellyann36

    Mixes in a Jar

    Yes dorannmwin you should try it. Start out small and work your way up. The microwave cake idea sounds perfect and is actually giving me ideas! That would be a neat Christmas basket gift. Put the ingredients in the coffee mug instead of a mason jar and make it cute with ribbons and such...
  6. Shellyann36

    Cornbread: Scratch or Jiffy Mix?

    When I am making sweet cornbread I will use Jiffy's mix. I do have a recipe for homemade but Jiffy's is quick and easy. When making savory cornbread I mix up my own. I love the Jiffy cornbread with chili and soup! Today is so cold that some soup sounds very good to eat right about now or...
  7. Shellyann36

    Bond's Cupcake

    This is a very neat recipe. I really like the way you have it displayed as well. Most certainly interested in any other recipes you have to share. I am not much of a gin drinker so this one is cute but not for me but bring the rest on!
  8. Shellyann36

    Can baking make you happier?

    I think that it can be very therapeutic for a person to bake. It frees the mind and gives a person some relief from the everyday norm. Like other posters here, I would be wary of not taking my meds and using baking as a therapy alone. I feel that is asking for trouble.
  9. Shellyann36

    Peppermint Cake

    I was watching the talk show Queen Latifa yesterday and saw the most amazing Peppermint Cake! I have to try this. You take 2 white cake batter mixes and mix them up. One cake mix you leave white and the other mix you put red food coloring in. You then take the cake batter and put them in the...
  10. Shellyann36

    Mixes in a Jar

    Yes I think that they do make great gifts and I am always happy to be on the receiving end. I think it is an easy way to create gifts, especially at Christmas. I have done this a few times for people who I know will appreciate the gift. It makes their day.
  11. Shellyann36

    Peanut Butter and Chocolate

    Well peanut butter, chocolate chip, chocolate fudge and sugar cookies..... I love them all. Now I am craving cookies. LOL My most favorite cookie is the no back chocolate oatmeal cookies. My Mama use to make them for me when I was growing up and it is one of my fondest memories. We also made...
  12. Shellyann36

    The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Cake

    This sounds wonderful. I am a big fan of dark chocolate. I will have to try the recipe!
  13. Shellyann36

    Mixes in a Jar

    Oiy I wish I was creative when it came to making gift baskets and such! I never seem to get them to look right. It drives me nuts. You are fortunate that you can be creative and make such neat gift baskets!
  14. Shellyann36

    Would you rather...

    I have used parchment over foil as well but what about glass versus metal?
  15. Shellyann36

    Would you rather...

    @Alrikidokie Our local MaxWay was having a sale of all Anchor glass products for $5 each! I so wish I could afford to go buy me a few items. @TheViper I feel mine turn out better in glass as well. Plus the clean up is so much easier for me.
  16. Shellyann36

    Would you rather...

    @OhioTom76 You have summed it up so well! Bravo! @MyPaperBleedsInk You sound like me. Trust me I have broken 3 or 4 glass dishes in my time spent cooking..... So embarrassing it is! @Josie you should try using some of your glass pans..... you might be surprised. @MyDigitalpoint yes...
  17. Shellyann36

    I just can't get it right

    I can't get my pie crusts to turn out right. They either turn out too thick or too thin or just plain ole ugly! My biscuits are not pretty either. They taste ok but they look horrible. My Granny use to make perfect biscuits and I so wish I could bake em like she did.
  18. Shellyann36

    Baking Short Cuts

    In the past I have made large batches of items that would freeze well all up at the same time. I would make pizza crusts, pie crusts and biscuits. You can also make the loaves of bread and rolls that rise and freeze them as well. It has been a while since I made the rising bread but I will...
  19. Shellyann36

    Christmas Cookies?

    I make no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies and the sweet chex mix. I think I am going to try a few new recipes from Pinterest this year though. Baking during the holidays can be so darn expensive!
  20. Shellyann36

    How important are kitchen gadgets to you?

    Ok my most important gadgets are my food processor, dehydrator, canners, seal a meal, jerky gun and my crock pot. I use to have a great bread maker and a steamer but the bread maker messed up and my husband broke my steamer. He in turn, bought me a rice cooker/steamer that is horrible and I...