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  1. Rubymusic1

    What's your favorite flavor milkshake?

    I absolutely love banana milkshakes! That with either chocolate or strawberry as my second favourites. I rarely drink milkshakes nowadays though, but used to buy them at school before they were considered "unhealthy"!
  2. Rubymusic1

    What's Your Favorite Candy?

    My hands are far too warm and I can never eat KitKats without them melting! Although other than that, i'd definitely have to say a KitKat chunky is my weakness! That or that new-fangled Cola/Pretzel chocolate that Cadbury's are doing lately... NOM Those sound amazing! Where do you find those...
  3. Rubymusic1

    Foreign Foods

    Just anything Chinese, I love it! I could live on Chinese food if I could. Chicken Chow Mein, Singapore Noodle, Egg Fried Rice... I'm getting hungry! I always get random cravings for egg fried rice in the middle of the night which is kind of weird I suppose...
  4. Rubymusic1

    Has anyone ever frozen un-iced cupcakes?

    I didn't know this was possible so that's interesting. I always thought they'd dry up or something in the process, but as you've said, about having a stash to just thaw out any when would be really handy!
  5. Rubymusic1

    What shows do you enjoy watching?

    Don't think i'd added the Mighty Boosh to my original list... Really got back into that lately!
  6. Rubymusic1

    Edible playdough

    I'd never heard of that, but sounds like brilliant fun for children!
  7. Rubymusic1

    What do you do to make money online?

    I recently started using a site called InstaGC which gives out Amazon gift cards when you get to a certain amount of points. It's not too hard to get to the first amount of money either. It's a good extra small income and have managed to make a small amount over a few days! If anyone's...
  8. Rubymusic1

    Noodles, Mashed Potatoes or Rice

    Rice all the way! I have random cravings for rice all the time, but I don't eat it anywhere near enough. Noodles seconds and then mash last. Mash is a great winter food, but other than that, I don't really eat it. I'll always eat noodles and rice with Chinese food though.
  9. Rubymusic1

    Why did you start baking?

    I'm now baking because i'm bored due to having finished uni and being off until October. Got to do something with my time really! Haha.
  10. Rubymusic1

    Baking with a Microwave?

    I remember posting a good cookie recipe a few threads back for using in the microwave. If I find it again, i'll let you know! :)
  11. Rubymusic1

    Cookie Cutters

    I've collected loads of random ones over the years. Mainly Christmas and Easter ones, but either way, they're still cute and useful on various occasions!
  12. Rubymusic1

    Baking because you are bored

    I do that. I've finished my first year at uni and now i've got far too much time on my hands! I really need to get back into baking again... Will give me something to do! I also haven't been here since about October... So hi everyone!
  13. Rubymusic1

    Tea or coffee?

    I bought a coffee filter the other day to experiment with other coffees. Pretty good so far!
  14. Rubymusic1

    Non stodgy no bake fudge recipe?

    Just randomly came across the recipe that Helen was on about. It's here :) On second go though, if you leave it for as long as it says, it starts turning to toffee. But the bits that don't are fine. Practice makes perfect!
  15. Rubymusic1

    Tea or coffee?

    I tried a Frappucino the other day, was actually really nice! Didn't think i'd like it at all.
  16. Rubymusic1

    Brownies in the microwave...What?!

    Thank you! That sounds good, but then it's got eggs in it. Does anyone have a similar recipe but without eggs? Or is that impossible?
  17. Rubymusic1

    Tea or coffee?

    Has anyone tried Chai Tea(in rough, black tea + herbs and spices)? I've just made a really rough version, but it smells really nice!
  18. Rubymusic1

    Why do people hate fruitcake?

    Do they? I LOVE fruitcake. The last one I baked went a bit wrong, I ended up putting wrong amounts of ingredients in, but they usually turn out alright!
  19. Rubymusic1

    Tea or coffee?

    Ouch! I've recently found that I can't drink more than one cup of coffee without feeling shaky, paranoid or anxious until I sleep. Sad times. :(
  20. Rubymusic1

    Tea or coffee?

    Ah, I live in the UK. They definitely sell it over here, I just haven't tried it.