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  1. smlewis00

    Pizza toppings?

    I totally agree! Pepperoni and bacon are a great combination on pizza! I also love a lot of veggies. My husband is a big fan of mushrooms on his pizza. I agree though, I am NOT a fan of black olives.
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    3 Ingredient Banana Cookies

    Oh I think honey would be a great addition! Good idea!
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    3 Ingredient Banana Cookies

    I came across a recipe called "Three Ingredient Banana Cookies." I thought, okay, really? Only three ingredients? Banana cookies?! Worth a try! So I made them, anticipating that I wouldn't like them. However, I really was surprised at how easy and delicious they were! Here's the recipe...
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    Brownie toppings and additions?

    My mother sometimes adds a little slice of butter on top of her warm brownies for a little added flavor. My dad likes to smear peanut butter on his brownie and let it melt in the microwave so the warm peanut butter serves as icing. I do sometimes add a little whip cream, chocolate chips and...
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    Cheddar Bay Biscuits

    This is a great recipe! My husband makes these on occasion and follows this same recipe! They turn out terrific! They are delicious! I definitely recommend this recipe! From personal experience, they turn out wonderfully!
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    Weird combinations in cakes

    My sister adds zucchini and applesauce to her cakes. It doesn't alter the taste, but it does make her cakes more moist. :) Personally, I have added applesauce to my cakes, and have had great success. :)
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    2 Minute Cookie

    You're right! Those Betty Crockers desserts are fantastic! They are delicious and easy to make! I do like to make my own desserts but Betty Crocker offers a lot of great easy desserts when you are in a pinch or hurry! :)
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    Should eggs be room temperature before use?

    Honestly, I had never thought of this. That's a great question! I guess I have always just took my eggs directly from the refrigerator and put them into the mix. I've never let them sit at room temperature before using them. My recipes have always come out just fine without them being room...
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    What's your favorite add-in for baking recipes?

    It depends on what I am making. I also like to add walnuts when I am making chocolate brownies. I sometimes like to add a cup of chocolate chips to my brownies as well to give that added chocolate-ness! :) When I am making cookies, I like to sometimes add an extra little dash of vanilla. I...
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    What is your favourite type of topping or decoration?

    I love using colorful sprinkles! They have such a wide variety of colors and textures these days! Around the holidays you can find some really unique holiday-themed sprinkles! I recently picked up some pink and red heart shaped sprinkles for Valentine's day. They were very unique and added a...
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    Rainbow Battenburg cake!

    That is really beautiful! I would love to be able to make something like that! I wonder how time consuming it would be to make this?
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    Happy Valentine's Day! Did you bake anything special?

    Happy Valentine's Day! Did you bake anything special for your loved ones? I made chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes for my family and for my neighbors. It was a special treat to hand them out this morning, and everyone seemed surprised and really enjoyed them. I also made heart shaped chocolate...
  13. smlewis00

    Baking with Fondant

    Thank you for sharing! I'm nervous to try making it, but you have to start somewhere, right? Thanks for the link! I'm going to attempt this over the weekend! I've never tried working with fondant, but I'm anxious to try it out! Thanks again!
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    Oreo Announces NEW Flavors!

    I just tried the cookie dough oreos! They were really good! I really liked them! I have yet to try marshmallow ones, but I'm looking forward to trying them as well. Has anyone else tried and enjoyed the cookie dough flavored oreos? I also tried the Oreo birthday blast ice cream that Breyers has...
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    Birthday Cakes for a limited budget

    You can really do a lot with box mixes. They are fairly inexpensive! I don't know your son's flavor preference, but I have a delicious recipe my family loves and it can be done using a box mix. You could buy a chocolate cake mix, instant oreo pudding, and whipped cream. Bake the cake as...
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    What's Something You Bake That Reminds You of Back Home?

    Homemade chicken and noodles. My mother always makes her noodles homemade from scratch. As a little girl, I remember helping her lay out the dough all across our big kitchen table. We would have flour everywhere! I always loved helping her make them. Now, when I make them, I can't help but think...
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    Where did you buy the marshmallow fondant? How did it taste? I really want to try it, but I really have no idea where to begin. Did you have to use a rolling pin to spread it out, or is it not that easy to stretch out? I really don't know where to start.
  18. smlewis00

    Chocolate Chip Cookies Came From Sugar Cookies

    That is a very clever boy! Haha! I think cookies are fun because you can experiment and add new and exciting ingredients. You can add nuts, or choose not to. Chocolate chips, pieces of fruit, candy pieces, you name it! While the sugar cookie is a "basic" cookie, its fun to be creative and use...
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    Storing You left over Cookies

    I usually store them in in either an air tight container or a ziploc bag. I like to put a small piece of bread in with them as well because it does help keep the cookies fresh. Just make sure your family knows why the bread is there. One time my niece came over and ate the bread out of the...
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    Baking Substitutions

    That is a terrific resource! Thanks for sharing! Spices can be tricky so this certainly will come in handy! Thanks! :)