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  1. LadyLuck7

    Cupcake Storage

    I love that container pictured above. But I usually use the long flat tuperware lidded tray and it fits about two dozen cupcakes in it. I found one at my local Walmart.
  2. LadyLuck7

    Jamaican Gingerbread with Honey

    Thank you for the where to find it, now I can try your recipe. Thanks so much for sharing something new
  3. LadyLuck7

    A blob of vegetarian cake

    Well I did try the applesauce in a cake I was making this past Thursday. It tasted wonderful but was very crumbly for lack of a better word. Is this normal when using the applesauce? Or did I blunder? The cake itself was wonderful just did not want to stay together.
  4. LadyLuck7

    Something Different and Easy for Dinner

    This has actually been requested by my kids when they stop by more than their standard favorite of spaghetti. My grandson even loves it. Let me know if it goes over well when you try it.
  5. LadyLuck7

    Who is your Favorite Food Network Star?

    Thats his name! thank you so much. I loved watching his show and tried many of his recipes. It had been so long I had forgotten his name, lol.
  6. LadyLuck7

    What is your favorite holiday and why?

    I love Halloween, not only is my only daughters birthday but you get to do scary things and that is right up my alley. Great fun to have with kids and it is just a really great time to be creative and it does not have to be picture perfect, just scary.
  7. LadyLuck7

    What shows do you enjoy watching?

    I do have a wide variety of likes when it comes to what I like to watch, but my current favorites are as follows: Vampire Diaries True Blood American Dad Criminal Minds Family Guy Supernatural
  8. LadyLuck7

    Do You Have a Food Addiction?

    I have many weaknesses which is a constant battle to try to use in moderation, chocolate, peanut butter, cheese, are just to name a few of my most tempting. But my main addiction is caramel. I have a weakness for it that is just silly in its extreme. I keep little caramels in my purse just to...
  9. LadyLuck7

    Something Different and Easy for Dinner

    My new sister-in-law introduced me to this new recipe a few months ago and my family loves it and requests it often. Thought I would share. Redneck Lasagna 1 box mac and cheese 1 pound hamburger 1 jar spaghetti sauce 3 c. shredded mozzarella cheese Brown hb meat,drain, add sauce. Prepare mac...
  10. LadyLuck7

    Who is your Favorite Food Network Star?

    My favorite I have not seen in years and darn if I can remember his name. He had a show on PBS and did Cajun/Creole cooking. He was so eccentric and funny. His stories were part of the reason I watched the show. He was silver-haired and wore glasses and red suspenders and always tried his dish...
  11. LadyLuck7

    Mixes in a Jar

    I have never tried it myself, but what an ingenious time saver when you are getting ready to bake. How long will it keep in the jars?
  12. LadyLuck7

    Jupiter structural layer cake - complete sphere!

    That is just simply amazing. I would love to see one as a Halloween Pumpkin. Halloween is my youngest daughters birthday and she would get a kick out of something like a spherical pumpkin cake. Where can you buy one? I seriously do not think I could attempt one, I leave that to the pros. Wow...
  13. LadyLuck7

    Jamaican Gingerbread with Honey

    I was just wondering how to find Jamaican honey in my area also. I am very rural. But I love gingerbread and this looks like something I may want to try, so is it possible to use regular honey? My second question is what fruit do you recommend soaking in rum for this recipe?
  14. LadyLuck7

    Suggestions for a birthday cake

    I recently posted a thread for an unusual birthday cake and got a response for a peanut butter and jelly cake...sounding really interesting.
  15. LadyLuck7

    Garden party suggestions?

    Here is something sweet but not too sweet and goes over pretty well at any family gatherings I have attended. It steers away from traditional cake. Sweet Potato Casserole 4 c. mashed sweet potatoes 3/4 to 1 c. of sugar 1 1/2 sticks of butter 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla flavoring Add pet milk until...
  16. LadyLuck7

    Chocolate Cake VS Vanilla Cake

    I like both. But the great thing is you can have both. When I am severely crushed for time, I have in the past ordered a birthday cake instead of baking one. Yes, I know, horrible of me. But because people tend to have different favorites I get half vanilla and half chocolate then just pick...
  17. LadyLuck7

    Suggestions for cake pops

    I have to agree with you on this one. There is something just seems lacking in overall taste. I do like all the interesting ways the cake pops are decorated, though. They get more artsie every day.
  18. LadyLuck7

    How to Make Jamaican Appleton Rum and Lemon Meringue Cake

    This looks and sounds incredible. I am almost too scared to try it though. Looks like a formidable project. Do you have any slightly simpler recipes that flavor the rum?
  19. LadyLuck7

    Cookie Memories

    I think traditions like gifting cookies in tins, are something every child looks forward to, not only in the receiving, but also in the helping to prepare such treat gifts. Which ever side of it you are on, fixing or receiving, it will give you special warm memories to cherish and associate with...
  20. LadyLuck7

    Grinding your own grain

    I would not even begin to know where to start! My hat truly goes off to you. We all say we do it from scratch but it comes nowhere near close to the true "baking from scratch, grinding own flour". I have never even seen a grain mill. When you do grind your own, how long does it keep versus the...