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  1. limcid

    What is the best incense, scented candle, or spray you've used that best reminds you of baked foods?

    Sometimes I like to have a more homely type of feeling in the house as a single man, and nothing does it better than great smells from the kitchen. I've had cinnamon roll and sweet potato pie sprays that have driven me crazy with cravings before. Do you have any favorite scent products that...
  2. limcid

    Baking games for kids (and maybe even you)

    Here are some online games I've found that focus on baking! They look to be a lot of fun and might be a good way to involve children in baking. Have fun! :)
  3. limcid

    How to avoid browning too much (aka burning) before the inside is done?

    I have this problem when baking crackers and similar things. The outside, especially the edges, will be ready before the inner parts. Is the temperature to high? Maybe I should bake at a lower temperature, but longer? I'm thinking that might cause some things to be too dry. Any suggestions...
  4. limcid

    What to do with mulberries?

    I've got a huge mulberry tree in the backyard that I plan on removing (too big and close to the house). However, every year I get a big mess from all of the mulberries that fall off. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do with these? Are they safe to eat? I was thinking of laying out some...
  5. limcid

    I'm making bread, ya'll!!

    Ha, ha. I'm just excited because I finally started making my own bread using a bread oven. And, I didn't even have to buy the bread oven. I noticed an olde bread oven that had been stored away in my Mom's basement for quite some time. One day I just asked if she was using it (I knew she hadn't...