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  1. PattyCakes

    Sand Cake

    That looks and sounds like a lovely quaint old recipe - how lovely to have those old books handed down to you. I've never heard of sand cake before; interesting to see the addition of ground rice - I can't seem to find that anywhere, whereas it was easy to find a few years back. My husband's...
  2. PattyCakes

    Do you have certain days for baking, or just when the mood arises?

    I am a bit erratic when it comes to baking cakes - I tend to bake cakes at the weekend, and maybe once during the week, but I only bake cookies once a while. Bread is always done on a Thursday (a big batch for the week), and any experimenting outside of that is just when I have time to fit it...
  3. PattyCakes

    Ice cream cake

    Wow! That looks as good as one I'd expect to see done professionally! The decoration looks really impressive. Are you going to let us in on the recipe?? ;);)
  4. PattyCakes

    Dinner rolls - what is it that makes them so light and fluffy??

    I found a recipe online that came out rather good - the rolls were quite fluffy, but I had to bake them for longer than the recipe suggested. Any of the dinner roll recipes I've come across don't seem to bake the rolls for very long, but mine needed longer - I draw the line at under-baked bread...
  5. PattyCakes

    My loaves are not going brown

    I like the sound of using chapatti in your loaf - never though of that before, and I may try your mix. My current mix is 375g (in total) of flour - made up of a mixture of white, wholemeal, and sometimes kamut or einkorn, depending on what I have to hand. I use 250g of starter, 8g of salt. and...
  6. PattyCakes

    Dinner rolls - what is it that makes them so light and fluffy??

    Dinner rolls I think might be an American thing, or maybe it's just that I haven't come across the term over here yet. Nevertheless, I'm intrigued by them because they look so amazingly light and fluffy! The nearest thing I can relate them to is sandwich buns or baps as we call them here, but...
  7. PattyCakes

    Every attempt a run at "Croissant Bread"?

    Making pastry is not something I'm particularly good at, and I confess to buying it more often than making it!! On the other hand, I particularly love the challenge of getting something 'right', and croissants seem the ideal choice to give yourself that challenge. My neighbour has made them in...
  8. PattyCakes

    Need help using up your sourdough starter?

    For those of us who make sourdough breads, we all know how annoying it can be to have to throw away some starter that you just can't use. I try as much as possible to use it up, but I'm always on the hunt for a new recipe - particular some sweet recipes, because you cant beat that depth of...
  9. PattyCakes

    My loaves are not going brown

    You're welcome! It's true for all bread, connie, but particularly in the case of sourdough - the dark, caramelly crust is one of the things that makes sourdough bread better than regular yeast bread. The oven temperature must be scorching hot, as together with the steam you create in the oven...
  10. PattyCakes

    Have you ever tried a date, walnut and coffee cake?

    I've made date and walnut cakes in the past; it's a traditional cake that goes way back, and they're pretty good. I've also made a lot of coffee cakes - and coffee and walnut cakes - and they're delicious in every form!! Coffee is one of my absolute favourite things. I just don't know what to...
  11. PattyCakes

    What are we baking today?

    Thank you, Connie! It really is a lovely cake with wonderful flavour. I love the sound of your drop scones, and I hate to waste my starter too. I often make pancakes or waffles with mine, and I have a nice scone recipe, as well as a sweet bread recipe, that uses up sourdough starter that...
  12. PattyCakes

    Ground rice in shortbread?

    I love making shortbread, and I came across a lovely recipe the other day for pistachio (I have a pistachio thing going on at the moment!) shortbreads. The recipe calls for ground rice which can be a bit difficult to get hold of. Has anyone tried grinding rice down in a blender or food processor?
  13. PattyCakes

    Have you ever tried a date, walnut and coffee cake?

    I came across this cake when searching for coffee flavoured cakes - I love my coffee flavoured cakes!! You soak the dates in coffee to begin with, then put them into the cake mix all plump and lovely. I've made date and walnut cakes in the past, but I thought I'd ask if anyone else had come...
  14. PattyCakes

    Apples Scones

    This sounds lovely! I'm partial to a nice scone, and I love old recipes just as much as the newer and fancier ones! ;) I think a few raisins or sultanas would be lovely too, and maybe a dash of cinnamon? Oh no, I'm over-complicating it now!! :eek:
  15. PattyCakes

    My loaves are not going brown

    Your oven isn't high enough, connie. I pre-heat my oven to 240C, and I also pre-heat whatever tray or stone I'm baking my bread on. These days I like to bake them in my cast iron dutch oven; I find this gives the best 'bloom' in the oven, and the lid on for for the first 15 minutes means that...
  16. PattyCakes

    What are we baking today?

    My pistachio came out really well - the pictures don't it justice at all. The cardamom in this cake is absolutely wonderful, and it goes very well with the pistachios. Here's the recipe if anyone is interested: Pistachio Cardamom Pound Cake oven to 350 (my oven runs hot and my cake baked at...
  17. PattyCakes

    Powdered sugar dusting disappears on cake

    I would make sure it was absolutely cold before dusting, and if it's still disappearing at that point, just dust it right at the last minute before serving. It's a tricky one to get just right - especially with bundt cakes.
  18. PattyCakes

    Coffee ... Flavored or Plain

    I'm a plain coffee girl most of the time too, however, I have been known to add cardamom seeds (both black and green) to the coffee grinder with my coffee beans, and this is a really lovely flavour from time to time. The only other time I dabble in flavoured coffee is if I have a Nespresso...
  19. PattyCakes

    Overnight bread dough question

    What type of yeast are you using? Fresh, dried, sourdough? I make bread using all three types, and the only one I put in the fridge overnight is sourdough - there's no avoiding that because the process is quite drawn out. If you're using fresh or dried yeast, you can put it in the fridge...
  20. PattyCakes

    What are we baking today?

    I'm planning to bake a pistachio and cardamom pound cake today; I've only made it once before, but it turned out fantastic, and we really enjoyed it! I also like that it keeps very well for about 5 days, which is great in our household where there's only the two of us. Usually I'm making...