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  1. limcid

    Diabetic Cakes ... Suggestions??

    Good grief, that site is amazing! I'm not a diabetic, but I feel the need to be proactive on the potential issue so I'll definitely be giving some of those recipes a try. Everything looks crazy delicious, so I don't know where to start. Thanks for the tip!
  2. limcid

    Malt Loaf for Diabetics

    You could try using real honey. Agave nectar comes to mind, but it could still be an issue for a diabetic: Does she have a strong sweet tooth? It might not need to be so sweet.
  3. limcid

    Favorite thing to drink with baked foods

    I prefer cold water or unsweetened coffee or tea with sweet things. If it's just bread, then sweetened coffee or cold water. I'm not a big fan of milk, though. Plus, it's so expensive these days.
  4. limcid

    When is bread not a bread?

    For me, it comes down to texture. When the texture is dense to the point where the air pockets are tiny, then it's more of a cake or muffin, to me. I don't consider banana bread to be bread.
  5. limcid

    Baking forum can lead to burnt cookies!

    Yeah, that can be a problem. You could try using a computer-based timer, in addition to your normal timer. Or, maybe use a timer app on your smartphone.
  6. limcid

    Should a burnt baked good just be tossed?

    Crazy idea that only a dude would think of: You should completely seal them with several coats of clear sealant and turn them into "trophies" to place on a shelf somewhere, or use as paperweights, etc.! People always tout and honor their successes, why not do the same for failures to help...
  7. limcid

    Burnt baking tray

    I think it's probably best to not use it for the same purposes anymore, with the rust and all. I wouldn't throw it out, though. You could repurpose it for other things by using aluminium foil to cover it. You could even use it to bake more cookies if you properly coat the foil.
  8. limcid

    Edible playdough

    It sounds like fun, but my fear would be that the child would be tempted to think it's okay to eat it before baking it, or maybe even just tasting playdough that isn't edible. If I ever used any of the edible kind, I would never have any of the non-edible kind in my house again (just to avoid...
  9. limcid

    Whisk or Mix?

    I love tools, but I think certain things are more fun when done by hand. Sometimes I like to avoid the manual labor of certain aspects of a recipe, but then again, sometimes it's the process that is a part of the enjoyment of the final result. Time is also a factor. You also have better control...
  10. limcid

    How do you feel about bread makers?

    I love my bread maker! I love it because it really simplifies the process of making the bread while I multi-task on other things. I just don't have the time to do it manually, so it's like having an assistant that does it for me. Plus, like already mentioned, you can use it to make many other...
  11. limcid

    What do you use to smash potatoes and make them creamy?

    I like to use a simple mashing tool. You can get one at Dollar Tree or just about any dollar store. I usually take my time and do it while watching a video of some sort (tv episode, movie, etc.). If you're in a hurry you could use a food processor or something, but I prefer to avoid all the cleanup.
  12. limcid

    Cherry and Chocolate Oat Cookies

    I know these would be delicious. I wonder if it matters if you just used 250g of regular sugar. I guess is might have a slightly different texture?
  13. limcid

    Twinkies are coming back

    I read somewhere that the Twinkies are now a little bit smaller and don't quite have the same texture. The company is claiming that the change is something that was already planned. Either way, they probably shouldn't have changed the recipe. If you can locate a bread thrift store, where you...
  14. limcid

    Do You Even Bother With Baking-from-a-Box anymore?

    This is what my Mom does. She'll use a cake mix (or whatever) as a base and by the time she's done sprucing it up it tastes like something made from scratch.
  15. limcid

    What are your favorite deserts on the Holidays?

    I love cherry pie and sweet potato pie! Thanksgiving is the only time I normally get to have some. I might buy a cherry pie every now and then. I think I'll try to make one next time because they seem so simple to make. However, sweet potato pie has to be homemade for me. I've never bought one...
  16. limcid


    I've had cornbread with chopped gizzards mixed into it. It was surprisingly good. It reminded me of stuffing that might be served on Thanksgiving.
  17. limcid

    Baking... with insects?

    The problem with insects is their texture. Too soft and squishy, and that squishiness isn't cream filling. I wouldn't mind trying something if they were thoroughly crisped and spiced. For baking, if they're dried and ground up, I guess the texture doesn't become an issue. I wonder what it tastes...
  18. limcid

    Triple Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

    Sigh...that looks sooo good. I won't be able to get all of the ingredients for this for about another two weeks, but you could bet the farm that I will be making these as soon as I can! I usually keep rolled oats in the house, but the chocolate chips and brown sugar I rarely have. I've got...
  19. limcid

    Do you bake your pizza with a pizza stone, wood fired oven, or a pizza oven?

    I use a convection oven for my pizzas. Something that only a man would think of: I wonder if you could use a grill to bake a pizza? If you had something to put over the pizza it should work fine. I wouldn't use charcoal or lighter fluid, though. I would use some wood or something natural for...
  20. limcid

    Keeping Cookies Soft

    Putting the cookies into an airtight container while they're still hot also works. But, I think the suggestions offered here will work better because, once the cookies cool off, the humidity will diminish, especially if you keep opening the container to feast.