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  1. TheEmotionalPainkiller

    An alternative way for getting coffee into a banoffee pit?

    Hi Everyone I usually put the coffee into the whipped cream but obviously it turns the cream brown, IMO this spoils the finished effect, I thought of putting it into the biscuit base mixture but I'm thinking the taste may not show through? Thank you in advance Rebecca :)
  2. TheEmotionalPainkiller

    I need a firmer cheesecake

    Hi everyone I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I made cheesecake brownies on Friday (Gosh they tasted amazing!) but even after overnight chilling they were a tiny bit too soggy to cut so handling them, even very gently, resulted in a bit of a messy finish. Both the cheesecake part and the...
  3. TheEmotionalPainkiller

    UK Bakers?

    Hello Are there any UK bakers here? This afternoon I have had my 2000th and something go at making coconut biscuits, again cakey and chewy, I have to admire my own tenacity here, anyone just a little bit sane would have given up decades ago. I even recently bought the 'Bake Off' biscuits...
  4. TheEmotionalPainkiller

    Pastry Cream Disaster!

    Hi Everyone! I had a go at making vanilla pastry cream, custard the old-fashioned way with vanilla and egg yolks etc, then when it's cool mix with whipped cream. Both the custard and the cream were a bit too thick, but not so much that it was a disaster. However when I mixed them together it...
  5. TheEmotionalPainkiller

    Hellllooo from a newbie!

    Hello everyone I'm so happy to have found this forum! My name is Rebecca or Becky. I am a hobby baker who never dreamed when I first began 5-6 years ago that I would come this far, I am very pleased with myself, with patience and learning from trial and error I have taught myself many complex...