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  1. confettine

    Sea salt vegan goodies?

    I just wondered if any of you guys knew a recipe using sea salt? I've read that Moser Roth sea salt chocolate is supposed to be vegan, but they don't have it at my local Aldi. However, I've been so hooked on the idea of sea salt chocolate that I wondered if there was any vegan chocolaty and...
  2. confettine

    Shape cutter: how to make them not stick?

    I've made my first batch of cookies with cookie cutter the other day, thanks to the wonderful people of this forum. The dough would not stop sticking to the cutters though, making it hard to get the shape out. I had to press and try different things and the cookie would sometimes loose its...
  3. confettine

    A recipe for chocolate chips cookie... in cookie cutter forms?

    Hi! I just bought a set of fun cookie cutters, with a big moose, fox, hedgehogs and squirrels at IKEA. I've never really baked with forms before -- I traditionally stick to chocolate chips cookie, because they are my all time favorite. From what I've seen my mother in law bake, it looks like...
  4. confettine

    Anyone has a "delicate" banana cupcake recipe?

    I have some overripe bananas and I wondered if it was possible to have a fluffy, light and delicate banana treat out of it. I look up for recipes, but most of them look heavy and moist. Does anybody know if it's even possible to make something not too heavy out of my bananas? Thanks!
  5. confettine

    Vegan Thread?

    Since we have a gluten-free section, I think it'd be cool to have a vegan one. I'm not personally vegan, but I found many delicious recipes and I'd like to find more, share some, discuss it. It could also serve to anyone with a lactose intolerance.
  6. confettine

    Do you guys have gluten intolerance?

    Just wondering, since this section grew a lot, like the gluten-free trend. Do you guys bake gluten free because you or someone you know have any sort of intolerance? Or do you have other motivations?
  7. confettine

    Marshmallow Fluff

    I remember a thread posting a recipe with a nice marshmallow frosting, once. I thought I would have to pass on it for lack of ever seeing such a product where I live, but it recently popped up, on discount, 2,22 euros for around 500g, I think. So I was wondering if that was a good price, and...
  8. confettine

    Your Favorite Birthday Cake (To Treat Yourself?)

    I was just wondering: when your birthday rolls around, what is your favorite type of birthday cake to get? Who makes it? My birthday is coming up before the end of the month and, even though back home I liked to indulge in Dairy Queen's ice cream cakes, it does not exist here, so I was...
  9. confettine

    Making Your Own Pie Crust?

    I never really tried to make pie crust. It sold for a buck at the dollar store, so it was very convenient to buy it instead of figuring out how to make it. I think one time, with my granny, we made a sort of pie crust by crushing Corn Flakes and mixing them with butter or something? Cannot quite...
  10. confettine

    Do You Still Buy Recipe Books?

    Recipes books are sort of fascinating in this era. In a way, it feels like the need for them tends to disappear, as the Internet provides a ton of recipes and food blogs accessible for free with many reviews of how easy the recipe was to make, and how tasty it turned out. On the other hand...
  11. confettine

    How Does Baking Yourself Change The Amount of Sweets You Consume?

    For me, it's either one of two things: 1) Whooohooo! Making it myself! Super cheap, super tasty! Might as well make a lot. Maybe I'll share with friends and colleagues, yay! So I make big batches and sometimes I share, and sometimes they turn out in a way I would not want to share or I just...
  12. confettine

    Cheesecake -- without Philly Cheese?

    Hey guys! Just wondering if any of you knew about recipes for cheesecakes that did not involve Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Where I live, it does exist -- but in those small and expensive little plastic contenants, instead of in wrapped bricks, and this is a bit sad for me since I've been...
  13. confettine

    Frosting Cupcakes Without a Pipe

    I tried decorating my cupcakes with a fork, with a knife, it was horrible. I've heard somewhere that you could put the frosting in a ziplock bag and cut a corner and use it as a piping bag -- tried this, but the result was less than convincing, since the hole it made was a bit weird. How do...
  14. confettine

    What Turned Out To Be Much Easier/Harder to Make Than Expected?

    I ask because, well, as I advised someone to make cheesecake because it's pretty easy to make, an user was surprised because she expected cheesecakes to be hard to make! I also remember how much harder to make than expected was whipped cream (with a manual whisk, hellish). And the cake it had...
  15. confettine

    How do you even get cakes to be even?

    I've failed times and again to get sponge cake to be even, especially when I baked "layers" of sponge cakes in some long sort of cookie trays. Whatever I do, there are parts of the cake that are shallower and uneven, and it also makes that some corners are rougher rather than mellow and soft...
  16. confettine

    What Kind of Recipes Are a "Hit-or-Miss"?

    Could be for any number of reasons. I know I love to make this one cake that my cousin told me the recipe to. I almost always miss it, but the times I get it close to right are always so worth it! Mostly it's because I have to make three layers of sponge cake (each layer around 1,5 to 2,5cm...
  17. confettine

    How Many Tries Before You Got It Right?

    After I asked what could possibly made with failed bread dough -- a speciality of mine -- I got some answers that let me have some hope that, even if I keep failing, I'm not the only one having trouble with it and others did figure it out! How many tries did it take for you to get your dough...
  18. confettine

    Do You Make Children Bake "Healthy"?

    I'm not sure about this one. I feel like if I want to make them love baking, they should be able to make those treats that they love most! I know this is what I loved about baking and what other kids I know enjoy most. However, I can imagine the kids I watch over scrunching up their nose at...
  19. confettine

    What equipment attracts dust in your home?

    Equipment is great; it's always a promise of something more convenient, faster, stronger, more precise. However, a lot of equipment ends up gathering dust -- for us, it's a breadmaker we got when a friend was moving (I'm still unsure how it even works; it looks like a monster of a machine and...
  20. confettine

    Would You Let Kids Eat From A Cake With Alcohol?

    I wonder because I know that during the baking process, the actual alcoholic content goes out of the alcohol, leaving just the taste. I have heard from people who still consider it would not be fine to give to children. I don't get it -- I mean, okay, they might not like the taste, but what is...