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  1. NThomas

    Meal subscription boxes

    Has anymore tried of those meal subscription boxes , they send you all the ingredients to cook meal along with recipe cards. It this something you would like to try ore is it a waste of money?
  2. NThomas

    Matcha Baking

    Green tea is wonderful in baked goods. Does anyone have a recipe to share that includes matcha powder or green tea?
  3. NThomas


    I have always eaten yogurt even we I was little. Now that yogurt has grown in popularity is getting pretty pricey. I have seen yogurt maker on the market and I wonder if is worth the money to buy one . Has anyone here tried making their own yogurt , how did it turn out was it worth the effort?
  4. NThomas

    Chocolate chip cookies with a twist

    I found a crazy chocolate chip cookie recipe like no other I have ever seen. It has candied bacon, so who wants to try this one?
  5. NThomas

    My oatmeal I discoverd this site call my oatmeal , they make all types of flavored oatmeals. the first thing I thought about was all the different types of oatmeal cookies I could make . Oh the possibility.
  6. NThomas

    Red or White?

    What is is your favorite wine , do you prefer red or white dry or sweet? It there a special brand you love ? What type of wine do you drink.
  7. NThomas

    Foreign Foods

    What is your favorite type of foreign food? What is the meal or dish you like best.?
  8. NThomas

    Baking Cookies where ???

    I was watching a show called cheapsscapes. This woman was saving money by baking cookies in her car. On a hot summer day she placee her cookie sheet in the windsheild of her car and she cliam they bake in less than an hour Does this sound crazy to anyone else?
  9. NThomas

    Grilled Veggies

    We are approaching the season for fresh vegetables. Grilled vegetables are delicious when prepared properly. Do you enjoy grilled vegetables, what are some of you favorites?
  10. NThomas

    Easy camp fire smore

    I found a new fun and easy take on camp fire smores. You can find new jumbo sized marshmellows in your local super market. Take one of these super sized marshmallow and place it on a stick create a pocket in the top of the marshmallow insert a chocolate chunk and ateddy gram into th pocket. Then...
  11. NThomas


    Does anyone here make their own candy? Do you make rich decadent truffles? How about delicous hard candy. Have you tried you hand at making creamy caramels? Does anyone here know hw to make old school fluffy divinity candy ?
  12. NThomas


    On this rainy day All I can think about is how nice it would be to have a steaming hot bowl of soup with a toast cheese sandwich. I love making my own soup , canned soup is just not the same. Do you make your own soup? What is your favorite kind of soup and what do you like to eat with it?
  13. NThomas

    Sweet and Salty

    Salted caramel bon bons, bacon maple cupcakes, pretzels M&Ms , sweet and salt combination have been popping up all over. What is your favorite sweet and salty combination to eat or bake?
  14. NThomas

    I'll have ....... With my dessert

    When you are sitting down to a delicious dessert what do you like to drink with or after? Do you enjoy a large glass of cold water? Maybe a hot cup of black coffe or herbal tea goes well with your sweet treat. What dink do you like best with dessert?
  15. NThomas

    Cookies in a box

    I saw a recipe that used cake mix as well as some other ingredients to make cookies. This looked really interesting. Has anyone ever tried a recipe like this, if so how did it turn out?
  16. NThomas

    Expired ingredients

    I have heard that you can use up expired ingredients by baking with them. The reason behind this that once you cook something it is no longer harmful. I for one don't believe this and I would never take that chance. Does anyone here bake with expired ingredients?
  17. NThomas

    Warm Weather baking

    Now that spring and summer are here, will your baking taper off ? Do you still bake as much in the warmer seasons as you do in the winter and fall. What a some of your favorite warm weather treats to make and bake?
  18. NThomas

    Cookie bars versus individuals

    Which do you think is better a cookies bar or a batch of individual round cookies? Why do you prefer one over the other? What is you favorite cookie bar and what is your favorite cookie?
  19. NThomas

    Candy Bar Creations

    I am seeing lots of sweet treats that are either candy bar themed or made with candy bars. These things include snickers pie and peppermint patty brownies. Have you seen or tasted any of these candy bar desserts ? Which ones tell us about them. What do you think of them , do they appeal to you?
  20. NThomas


    Are there any YouTube bakers and cooks that you follow. Who are they and how did you discover them? What is about that particular cook or baker that makes you want to watch them?