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    Baking Hunt

    So, it's been a couple of weeks. Did you find anything good at the new thrift store? I found an electric cake pop maker for $5 and Pinterest has a ton of savory recipes for cake pop makers, including pizza balls, takoyaki and mini corn dogs.

    Letting Go Of Stuff

    I know what you mean about the excitement of a deal. My daughter has one of those big Casio keyboards and I saw a keyboard stand for it at Goodwill. The problem is, there was a man looking at the keyboard AND stand. So when he went to the electric outlet to test the keyboard, I grabbed the stand...

    Do you own cookie cutters

    I have a plastic shoebox full of cookie cutters that I picked up at various clearance sales. My favorites are shaped like vampire bats and coffins. I think about donating them because I rarely use them, but my daughter wants me to keep them and bake with her more.

    Another success story

    That looks pretty darn good. It's like banana bread , but with coconut. The photos in that Smitten Kitchen blog post look amazing too. I might add this recipe to the backlog of recipes I have saved to try someday.

    Plans/projects for 2015?

    Speaking of projects, I've had a set of 5 art prints from IKEA and a bunch of mismatched frames that I was going to paint to match, and all this stuff has been sitting around for ages, so this week ,if it stops raining, I think I'll finish them. It sounds counterintuitive to work on projects...

    Find Any Good Holiday Baking Clearance Items?

    I shop at Walmart. I've found cake mixes as low as 25 cents on clearance after holidays, especially Halloween, Valentine's Day and Christmas.

    Can cakes be 'baked' in a microwave?

    I found a recipe online for a cute little microwave cake. I still haven't found a full size microwave cake recipe. Maybe a large cake wouldn't cook all the way through.

    Find Any Good Holiday Baking Clearance Items?

    I found a bunch of Valentine's Day Funfetti cake mix on clearance for 50 cents each. I might make some pink cupcakes for my daughter's birthday. Nobody needs to know that it's Valentine's Day cake mix. A lot of candy is marked down to 90% off.

    Do you prefer Instant Coffee or Filter Coffee?

    While I'm apartment hunting my stuff is packed, so I'm using an electric kettle and instant coffee. I hate it. But I'm also not drinking a brand name instant, so that's probably part of the problem. I'm drinking the Walmart brand instant coffee because it's $1. I miss my coffee maker.
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    Baking Hunt

    I have better luck finding small appliances like immersion blenders at thrift stores because people donate them after not getting use out of them. By the time baking pans show up at Goodwill, they're usually encrusted with baked on ickiness.
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    Happy 2015

    It's too late for the ugly, scary surprises. I've seen several personally and the world has had a few. Hopefully the rest of the year will be better.
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    Plans/projects for 2015?

    Yeah, when my daughter was younger my ex was really overprotective, so I feel like she's missed out on a lot of the cool art galleries and art house cinemas and foreign restaurants in the area. I want her to see what's available in our city so that she can go out and have experiences instead of...
  13. ACSAPA

    Something new you'd like to bake this year?

    Pancakes with maple syrup and bacon is a pretty average breakfast in the US. Last fall, Betty Crocker did an autumn frosting which was maple flavored frosting that included a packet of bacon bits as sprinkles. After Thanksgiving, the frosting went on sale for 25 cents each. The maple frosting...
  14. ACSAPA

    Do You Still Buy Recipe Books?

    I'm a Pinterest addict, so in order for me to buy a cookbook,it has to have something unusual or novel about it. Like Coolio's cookbook is novel because people think of him as a rapper and don't know that he owns a restaurant. Also ,the names of his recipes are funny.
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    Plans/projects for 2015?

    Find another apartment, set up all our possessions the way we had them set up in the last apartment, try some new Asian dinner recipes and take my daughter to the arts and design district downtown so that she can see all the beautiful and cool people and have a cultural experience.
  16. ACSAPA

    Something new you'd like to bake this year?

    When I get another apartment, I'd like to try baking a Malaysian meat jerky that I got a recipe for on Pinterest. I also want to try using the maple bacon cake frosting that I got on sale for 25 cents on some kind of maple cake.
  17. ACSAPA

    Do you ever skip the vanilla extract?

    If I have no vanilla, I just use a different extract like almond or lemon. I don't completely omit adding flavoring because I feel like it's in the recipe for a reason.
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    Baking Hunt

    Most of the bakeware I see at my local thrift store is junk, but I once bought a Nordicware Bundt cake pan with a detailed design for $3 at Goodwill. Those are $20 pans usually.
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    Dollar store shopping

    I would buy quite a few things at the dollar store called Dollar Tree. They have brand names such as Lysol, Colgate and Velveeta ,and they have Mrs. Field's baking mixes. Everything at Dollar Tree literally is a dollar, even the frozen waffles and wine glasses, so I don't bother shopping at...
  20. ACSAPA

    Letting Go Of Stuff

    I'm giving up my fish tank to Goodwill because I love bettas but I have to be honest with myself and admit that I don't like special ordering small replacement filter screens from a mail order catalog and that cleaning a fish tank sucks. I'm just going to get a big fishbowl so that I can enjoy...