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    Most useless kitchen tools you've seen

    I was browsing Walmart and noticed a lot of really unnecessary kitchen tools, like a special plastic press that squeezes the excess liquid out of tuna and other canned goods, a masher to break up ground beef in the frying pan and a mat to rest your coffee maker on in case of leaks. Now I've...

    Do You Buy Baked Goods Flavored Items?

    Today I bought a box of pumpkin pie Pop Tarts on clearance. I've noticed that there are also bakery themed pudding cups that taste like pies and cakes, and of course the birthday cake Oreos and red velvet Pop Tarts. Do you ever buy the commercially made bakery flavored items? The pumpkin pie Pop...

    Spring cleaning/downsizing your kitchen equipment

    It's a new year and I'm apartment hunting again. I've been downsizing my stuff ,including my baking equipment. I donated a bunch of specialized holiday baking pans and a lot of extra mixing bowls. Are you spring cleaning and doing any purging of your baking stuff? At one point, I realized that I...

    Letting Go Of Stuff

    So, it's a new year and I lost my dream apartment 3 weeks ago. But my last issue of Real Simple magazine got forwarded to me and the cover topic is letting go of clutter for the new year. I just dropped off a couple of bags of stuff at Goodwill that I don't want to move again. Are any of you...

    Find Any Good Holiday Baking Clearance Items?

    So the holidays are over. Did you find any good clearance sales on baking items? I found some 50 cent boxes of pumpkin pie bar mix , some 50 cent caramel apple cake mix and a bunch of maple bacon frosting for 25 cents each. I'm not baking right now because I'm apartment hunting, but the baking...

    I'm Glad Walmart Changed Their Uniforms

    So Walmart recently changed their uniforms to a dark blue vest. The previous uniform was a blue polo shirt. My daughter's school uniform is a blue polo shirt, so if I took her to Walmart after school to pick up groceries for dinner, the shoppers would grab her arm, speak to her in a rude voice...

    Do You Put Extras In Rice Krispies Treats?

    On Pinterest there are over 100 different ways to make Rice Krispies treats, from Oreo Rice Krispies treats to pumpkin, mint and strawberry. Do you stick to the original recipe or put all kinds of crazy stuff in them like chocolate and sprinkles? I just make them the old way as shown on the...

    What Holiday Has The Best Candy?

    What holiday do you guys think has the best candy? Christmas has peppermint bark and pecan divinity, Halloween has candy corn and fun size Snickers, and Easter has Cadbury Creme Eggs, marshmallow eggs and malted milk eggs. Right now I'm leaning towards Easter because there are a lot of amazing...

    Cute Cupcake Liner Idea

    I've noticed that it costs a little more to get colorful cupcake liners than white ones. I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest for making colored dip-dyed cupcake liners using just cheap food coloring that most of us have anyway. I like this a lot.
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    Thrifty Baking Recipes For Families On A Budget?

    Hi guys. Because I have a lot of debt to pay this month, I'm making a lot of foods from scratch that I would normally buy and searching for frugal recipes online. Like last night, I made a very basic white bread that costs 44 cents a loaf to make. So do you guys have any super cheap thrifty...
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    Would You Make A Savory Pie Like This?

    I was looking at recipes on Pinterest and saw this recipe for a savory tomato pie that has red onion ,herbs and cheese. Would you every bake a savory pie like this one?
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    How Do You Guys Deal With Feeling Discouraged?

    I've been living on my own as a single parent for 8 months in a cute little apartment with my daughter. I kept it together pretty well for the first 6 months and paid all my bills on time and was proud of being consistent and responsible. About 2 months ago, I got sick and missed a few days of...
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    Disgusting Old Food Ads

    Have you ever looked at old magazine ads for food and just thought,"That looks disgusting. I would never make that."? I saw some of the old cooking ads on a website and thought they were pretty gross. Both cooking and food photography have come a long way.
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    Do You Ever Bake Things Out Of Season?

    Do you ever bake things that are out of season and usually reserved for holidays? It's hot today and my daughter's summer vacation starts in a week and I baked a pumpkin pie today because I had a craving for pumpkin pie. I have also made eggnog when it's nowhere near Christmas. What about you guys?
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    Have You Started Spring Cleaning Yet?

    I keep seeing those Home Depot ads telling people to buy big Rubbermaid containers for their clutter and Walmart near me has already put away the holiday clearance stuff and started putting out bins, plastic containers and value sized cleaning products. I feel like Christmas just happened and...
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    Helpful Kitchen Hints

    Hi guys. I was on Pinterest and I saw where someone said that you could use a drywall mud knife from the hardware store to cut cakes and brownies. This huge drywall knife looks like it would make quick work of a sheet cake. Do you know of any other helpful tips like this for the kitchen?
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    Sand Castle Cake

    Hey guys. I saw this recipe on a blog for a sand castle cake. The sand is made from toasted coconut and ground up Graham crackers. Cool huh?
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    As A Baker, Do You Ever Buy Mass Produced Baked Goods?

    I'll admit, I sometimes buy mass produced baked goods like Twinkies, Snowballs, or Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies because they remind me of my childhood and I don't know how to make a Snowball at home anyway. Do any of you bakers ever buy these mass produced baked goods?
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    It's So Sad About Paula Deen

    I always liked Paula Deen and thought her food looked rich and decadent and awesome. I'm disappointed by the things she said and her weak defense for using the N word. My daughter says "Well, she's an older Southern woman, so maybe she was raised in an environment where people talked like that."...
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    Twinkies are coming back

    A lot of people were bummed out by Hostess going out of business because Twinkies have been around forever. Sellers on Amazon were selling stale Twinkies at inflated prices to capitalize on people's desire to have one last Twinkie. Hostess was bought by a new owner and are running under a...