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  1. Soliloquy

    What are your cookie recipe secrets?

    I'm a convert to the wonders of real vanilla. It really does make your cookies taste better. Heck, I use more than the recipe calls for and have literally made people drool. Also, always use fresh spices. If it's been hanging around in your spice rack for years collecting dust, it's probably...
  2. Soliloquy

    Cookies in a box

    You get very cake-y cookies this way! I prefer the frozen dough, or the actual cookie mixes. (They do exist, just not as popular as cake mixes I guess.) Better yet, bake your own...
  3. Soliloquy


    The name escapes me at the moment, but we used to make an Italian candy that was similar to peanut brittle. The original recipe called for pine nuts, but we experimented with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and other stuff. Lately we've been experimenting with making our own marshmallows.
  4. Soliloquy

    Fried desserts?

    A friend of mine really likes fried Nutella wontons, though I've never tried them myself.
  5. Soliloquy

    What's your favorite flavor milkshake?

    I recently had a Banana Nutella milkshake at a diner that was really delicious. I hope to replicate it at home!
  6. Soliloquy

    I'll have ....... With my dessert

    I'll either have a glass of milk or water.
  7. Soliloquy

    What are you baking for Easter?

    We made miniature lemon cupcakes, in liners that had a leaf design, with buttercream flowers on top.
  8. Soliloquy

    What do you grease the pan with?

    Lately I've been using parchment paper occasionally; I like how the bottoms come out even.
  9. Soliloquy

    Most outrageous cake you have seen?

    Here are some Impressionist cakes... I can't imagine how long it took to pipe those images:
  10. Soliloquy

    Christmas Cookies?

    We make speculaturs, chocolate reindeer sugar cookies, honey cookies, cream cheese spritz cookies, almond crescents, eggnog snowflakes, brown sugar spritz (usually in the shape of camels), and lately pizelles sandwiched together with chocolate.
  11. Soliloquy

    Winner of "American Baking Competition"?

    I started off watching this but lost track also. I don't even remember the contestants, really, but I am curious to know what I missed in terms of baking advice or ideas. Could anyone share what they learned from the show?
  12. Soliloquy

    Are there any cakes you don't like?

    Like others, I don't like red velvet; it's usually dry, I don't really want to be eating something with that much food coloring, and the flavor leaves much to be desired. I don't like nuts in or on top of cakes either, as I don't like the sudden change in textures.
  13. Soliloquy

    Triple Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

    so I've tried this recipe three times now, using black cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips, and it always tastes wonderful. I am having trouble with the consistency, though; the first time I made them they were quite soft and all stuck together. The second time, rather dry. The third time...
  14. Soliloquy

    Pumpkin Overload

    With canned pumpkin, at least, you could stock up and add pumpkin to your baked goods occasionally throughout the year. It's great for adding moisture and is pretty nutritious too!
  15. Soliloquy

    Small Batch Baking.

    I remember seeing a cookbook called (I think) "One Cookie" that had several different recipes for when you just wanted one cookie. I didn't buy it or try any of the recipes, but that might be ideal for you.
  16. Soliloquy

    Any batter dispensers for small amounts, like pizelles?

    I got a pizelle maker a couple of years ago and have made some excellent amaretto white chocolate pizelles with it, except I wish the process of making them was easier. If the batter is on the thick side, you have to scrape it off the spoon onto the iron, delaying getting the batter on the...
  17. Soliloquy

    Any cupcake lovers?

    You rang? :) I can't think of very many people who wouldn't like a nice cupcake. I've been experimenting with various new recipes and want to try a flourless chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting next. I had one like that from the Magnolia Bakery a few weeks ago and want to see if I can...
  18. Soliloquy

    Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

    Definitely dark chocolate. I need concentrated chocolate flavor and milk chocolate just doesn't cut it for me. I also think milk chocolate is too sweet.
  19. Soliloquy

    DIY whipped cream ideas?

    We make a nutmeg whipped cream to go with pumpkin waffles... hmm, thanks for the reminder that it's time to make it!
  20. Soliloquy

    Apple Kuchen, an awesome fall dessert!

    This is awesome with a tiny bit of whipped cream. We also make it with plum slices instead, which makes a beautiful colorful Pflamenkuchen, though it doesn't hold up so well. I think this is one of those recipes that's better on the next day.