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  1. JessiFox

    Flavors that shouldn't go together, but surprisingly work

    This is my specialty, it's my very favorite thing to do, finding surprisingly amazing combinations. Bacon and maple, strawberries and cheese, and chocolate and chili aren't really surprising though, in my book, they all lend themselves to pairing very well.
  2. JessiFox

    Baking for strawberry tea party for breast cancer care

    Biscotti and other Italian cookies to go with could easily fit the bill. Petite fours are very tea party appropriate to me and aren't all that hard to make. Sounds like quite the undertaking for you when it's a bit outside your comfort zone. Best of luck!
  3. JessiFox

    What is the easy thing you are making for dinner tonight?

    Well those do sound both really easy and really tasty. I may have to give them a try. I'm doing a crockpot minestrone, nothing fancy but it always turns out yummy.
  4. JessiFox

    Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips

    Ah yes, the essential fall flavors...and yes, it is super easy (and cheap!) to make your own. That recipe should be a good starting point for you, and of course you can be as creative with the spices as you want.
  5. JessiFox

    Bacon & Cheddar Zucchini Bread

    What a timely post...we just went to the farmers market and saw a tempting assortment of different flavored corn bread, I've been curious about savory bread recipes ever since. That one sounds and looks fantastic, thanks for sharing it :)
  6. JessiFox

    Honeycake Squares

    I'm a big fan of honey flavours standing out strongly as well. What a yummy sounding recipe...I like that it sounds like the right amount of sweetness without being cloying or overwhelming. I'll add these to my list, too, it's really growing these days! lol
  7. JessiFox

    Make boxed mix taste like a bakery's!!!!

    Hmm interesting, I'll have to try these little hacks and get back to you on that ;). I don't necessarily think it's 'cheating' and even so, we could all use a cheat day every now and then, right?
  8. JessiFox

    Freezer cinnamon rolls!

    Oh wow, thanks so much for sharing this! My family all LOVE cinnamon rolls, and who doesn't love freezer cooking you can just pop in and heat up? What a flawless combination. I'll be sure to give this one a try :)
  9. JessiFox

    Salted Almond Butter Freezer Fudge

    That sounds absolutely delicious! And vegan, too? Lovely, I'll have to give it a try :) fun recipe. You can't really go wrong with salty + sweet combinations, in my book.
  10. JessiFox

    Vegan Baking Website

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. I'm not vegan myself but I have friends who are by choice and some with food sensitivities as well, that's a great website to have handy when I'm making things for them :). Nice resource!
  11. JessiFox

    Have I lost my mind?

    I'm sorry to hear that, Tina :(. I do, although I also have some chronic health issues and family issues that lead to anxiety overall and, I wouldn't be surprised if one professional opinion might be that I just have plain old depression, not so much situational. Still, it's tough either way...
  12. JessiFox

    Banana Caramel Cream Dessert

    Trellum, you seem intent on giving me cravings today! Those look soo good, too. That doesn't sound too hard, either. Another great find on your part :) I'm glad you're open to sharing.
  13. JessiFox

    Pumpkin Gingerbread Bars

    Ohh those sound amazing! Pumpkin and gingerbread separately are a few of my favorite flavours, and while I have thought about mixing them before I haven't gotten around to trying very many recipes featuring the two. Thanks for a great GF option :D
  14. JessiFox

    Impossible cake anyone?

    Hm, I was curious when I saw your title- I'd never heard of an impossible cake before, lol. I agree with your assessment here, a bit tricky the first time or two maybe but by no means impossible ;). Sounds like an interesting cake to try.
  15. JessiFox

    Starting her out early

    That is so adorable! I love seeing posts like these as well, my son started super early too and he still loves it to this day :) love getting them started young!
  16. JessiFox

    How early to let child help you cook in the kitchen?

    I think as soon as kids have an interest you can start in small ways- 2 to 3 year olds will more be helping with very simple, repetitive tasks (throwing things out, maybe just the slightest bit of mixing, etc.) while the 5 and up group can start doing more hands on things. Of course one has to...
  17. JessiFox

    Cakes or Pies?

    I do enjoy both and sometimes I'll have a huge craving for one over the other, but I'd say the majority of the time I prefer pies. I like the variety of flavors/options better, I like that they're a bit lighter a lot of the time. And I've definitely eaten more pies, lol.
  18. JessiFox

    Ice Cream Muffins

    Ohhh that does sound really tasty, and you're right, quite creative, as well! I always wonder that. I suppose I can be artistic and creative sometimes in other ways...but as far as baking and cooking I'm not really one to think up these hugely innovative ideas. I'm kind of envious of people who do.
  19. JessiFox

    The weirdest thing you've ever eaten

    I always blank on these kinds of questions- I'm willing to try most things but I guess I don't include too too much in my definition of "weird" food. I know some people think it's weird to eat squid or if either of those qualify lol.
  20. JessiFox

    Homemade Peeps?!

    Hehe sweets of course ;). Thanks for the re-welcome, Wintery.