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  1. Zyni

    How to fix too soft brownies

    I like ooey gooey brownies, but these were just too mushy in the middle. I tried baking them longer, but it didn't help much. I'm thinking I must have measured the ingredients wrong. Is there a way to salvage something like this or no? Have you ever made your brownies too soft? I didn't even...
  2. Zyni

    Make your own cake mixes and more

    Instead of buying a box of cake mix, what if you could make your own? You can. You can also make up your own mixes for pancakes, cookies, and more. You can adapt recipes to control what goes into your finished products. How handy is this and a money saver to boot...
  3. Zyni

    Leek and Mushroom Quiche or Tart

    The recipe calls it a tart, but to me it could also be considered a quiche (I tend to think of most "egg pie" type things as quiche, so don't necessarily listen to me... I don't know the strict definition, I just go with what sticks). Anyway, it sounds good to me,, and I can think of lots of...
  4. Zyni

    Make your own Sweetened Condensed Milk

    I know some of you really like sweetened condensed milk. I thought of you when I saw this @Corzhens. ;) On one of the blogs I visit, I saw a recipe to make your own. It sounds good to me, especially for holiday baking.
  5. Zyni

    Decorated Cake Fails

    The following link shows my greatest fears whenever I have been attempting to make cute cakes for the people I love: **WARNING: There is some "off color" commentary and stuff (Not Rated R but not really Rated G)** Birthday Cake Fails Such good intentions. Such bad cakes. :p
  6. Zyni

    Cannoli Cheesecake

    Yum! I just heard that cannoli cheesecake is a thing, so I'm going to have to make some of this decadent dessert. I found a *recipe that sounds pretty good. There is even a *no-bake version, if you prefer it (you can scroll past the video if you just want to take a peek at the recipe). Have...
  7. Zyni

    Apricot Tart

    This is a *family recipe* that was shared. I love the idea of that. It reminds me of baking with grandma as a kid. Now, I'm the grandma. I think I'll make it a family recipe around my house as well with my own touches. Perfect for when the kids and grandkids come over.
  8. Zyni

    Do you "bake" in the toaster oven?

    I've tried cooking in one, for a number of things, and a toaster oven is pretty convenient. It helps keep the heat down during hot weather. If I can use it instead of the main oven, I'm all for it. I haven't done a whole lot of baking in mine, but my daughter uses hers for cupcakes, muffins, and...
  9. Zyni

    Do you like bread pudding?

    My mother used to make bread pudding when I was little. She always said it was a secret recipe. I loved it, although I could take it or leave it if anyone else made (besides my mom and her mother). I haven't tried making any, but I saw a recipe the other day that got me thinking about. It was...
  10. Zyni

    Avocado Pie?

    I had never heard of this before. It's like a simple cheesecake, only with avocado. I thought it was an interesting idea, even though I can't have any. I'm allergic. Still, it got me thinking about what else I could use. Have any of you tried Avocado Pie?
  11. Zyni

    Does anyone know how to make good tortillas? (prefer low carb)

    I enjoy tortillas, especially the homemade ones. I recently bought some low carb ones though, and they were surprisingly good. I'd love to learn how to make them myself. Even if you know how to make standard ones that would help. Maybe I could experiment from there.
  12. Zyni

    How do you treat your baking pans?

    Do you dust with flour, use oil then flour, butter them, or use a cooking spray? What is your "go to" method for treating your baking pans? Not all of my pans are non-stick. Even some of the ones that claim to be aren't so much.
  13. Zyni

    Flip Flop Cake

    I just saw some images of cakes decorated to look like flip flops. They were really cute. I'm thinking about giving it a try, since it doesn't really seem too difficult. I'm thinking a giant flip flop for the cake and some of those oversized, giant sunglasses from the dollar store would be cute...
  14. Zyni

    Patriotic Brownies for Forth of July

    I just came across this and thought it was cute: I'd prefer homemade brownies (which my daughter makes and are ridiculously good). I just thought the way they were decorated was kind of cute and...
  15. Zyni

    Do you prefer making drop cookies or cookie bars?

    I have to admit that sometimes, I just don't feel like making individual cookies by dropping them by the spoonful onto the cookie sheet. Sometimes, I just pour the batter into a pan and bake, later to cut into cookie bars. It takes a bit longer to bake that way, but you do save prep time. This...
  16. Zyni

    Paleo Baking - Who knew?

    I have admittedly never tried the Paleo diet, and I don't know enough about it. I was under the assumption that sweets and baked goods would be off limits, from the little I've heard and seen. Not true. I just found an article about it, and it sounds pretty good to me. I miss my sweets being on...
  17. Zyni

    Have you ever made Hummingbird Cake?

    I've never made this type of cake before. In fact, I never heard of it until recently. Apparently, it has fruit such as pineapple in it. It's supposed to be a summer favorite. Have you heard of Hummingbird Cake? Have your tried it or tried making it?
  18. Zyni

    Do you make your Cornbread in a cast iron Skillet?

    My grandma did. My mother in law did. Lots of people I knew made cornbread in a cast iron skillet. For the longest time, I didn't own one. I didn't think it mattered. Now, I have three (in different sizes). It definitely makes a difference for making cornbread. The edges get all nice crisp.
  19. Zyni

    Are you going to bake up any Valentine's Day goodies?

    I think I might make something for my Valentine, and maybe something for my girls and my grandbabies. I should probably bake something that I don't like, so I won't be tempted to eat it (as soon as I figure out which baked goods I don't like, ha ha). I want to make something pretty for the...
  20. Zyni

    Too much chocolate?

    Okay, if you had asked me a few years ago, I would have said there was no such thing as too much chocolate. My tastes have changed, and that's probably a good thing. My husband showed me this... "thing" the other day, and the only way I can describe it is as a dessert. It's not really a cake or...