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  1. kammy

    Ice-cream bread... as in bread made from ice-cream!

    I have heard of ice-cream cake but as for ice-cream bread this is a totally new idea. Anyway once ice- cream is incorporated in a recipe its a must that I'll give it a try.
  2. kammy


    I should think you made that association because baileys bring a certain warmth to one's life; well that's what it does for me. This recipe is a definite keeper!
  3. kammy

    What do you think about deep fried foods?

    It's not always easy to refrain from eating fry foods overall as they tends to be the tastiest; it's an every day struggle for me however i try to eat as healthy as I can on most days.
  4. kammy

    Oven Fried Chicken

    It does taste yummy, I know for a fact that my children and hubby would enjoy this tremendously as for me I it's plain old bake chicken all the way as I am staying away from the grease.
  5. kammy

    What do you think about deep fried foods?

    I do understand what you're saying however I have been suffering from heartburn from the longest of times so I have to watch every bite that I take otherwise I will be up all night suffering the consequences.
  6. kammy

    Anyone has a "delicate" banana cupcake recipe?

    I found this simple recipe on and thought I would share it with you; straight forward and easy to do. Main steps Ingredients Sugar: 1 1/2 cups Shortening: 1/2 cup Salt: 1/2 teaspoon Eggs: 2 Flour: 2 cups Soda: 3/4 cup Vanilla: 1 teaspoon Baking powder: 1 teaspoon Bananas...
  7. kammy

    Freezer cinnamon rolls!

    This recipe is a definite winner however it has been ages since I have made cinnamon rolls as I have been overtaken by laziness and so I mostly make my purchases weekly at the bakery.
  8. kammy

    What do you think about deep fried foods?

    Yes Trellum I did read the thread; I actually refrain from having these food as they adds to me having a heartburn!
  9. kammy

    Too Hot...

    The heat is on and it is driving me out of my mind. For the longest of times it's the first i find myself drinking so much water; it doesn't seems I can drink enough to get me cooled down. If I will be baking any at all during the summer it will have to be late at nights when it gets a little...
  10. kammy

    Favorite source for recipes

    When it comes to finding recipes it's the internet all the way as a matter of fact the few cookbooks that I owned are covered with dust as I haven't reach for them in a while. Whenever I want new and creative cooking ideas it's that i turn to.
  11. kammy

    Ice cream cake

    Trellum I bet those ice-cream cakes are something to write home about; they do look tasty. That's one thing I can never get enough of; from I was a kid ice-cream was always my Sunday evening treat and as an adult it still is.
  12. kammy

    Condensed milk cake

    Thinking about it I can't remember ever having this cake; i guess i will have to check the pastry aisles and see if I have any luck in getting one.
  13. kammy

    What do you think about deep fried foods?

    I suffer from terrible heartburn so i try to stay away from all greasy foods; these stuff just can't be healthy at all.It's sad to say but these are the foods that most children crave and these are what most of them take to school daily in the their lunch bags.
  14. kammy

    Letting kids lick the spoon

    From I was a tot it was always one of my happiest moments whenever I get the chance to lick the spoon whenever my mom was through with mixing the cake batter ; especially when it was fruit cake I was on a high. I do allow my children to lick the batter from the spoon and I have never seen them...
  15. kammy

    Baking with children

    I have a son and a daughter who are both in their teenage years. My daughter as being fascinated with cooking from she was a tender age and as such it's impossible to keep her out of the kitchen as she's always cooking up a storm. My son on the other hand enjoys whatever is served to him on a...
  16. kammy

    Am I the only one who doesn't really like red velvet cake?

    I will have a slice of red velvet cake occasionally but it's really nothing to write home about; I am not caught up in the craze at all. When it comes to Black Forest Cake however I am a fanatic; just the taste of the cherry pie filling ,cherry liqueur and the alcohol have me on high. I will...
  17. kammy

    Red Cheeseburgers in Japan?

    This red-cheeseburger doesn't appeal to me at all even though they are chances that it could be very tasty. I try to eat a healthy as I can and as such I tend to shy from foods with all those unhealthy additives. I am a great burger lover however I think i'll pass this one and stick to the usual.
  18. kammy

    Do You Still Buy Recipe Books?

    Thinking real hard I guess the last recipe book i purchased was for my daughter. I honestly don't bother with the hassle of searching the shelves for recipe books; whenever I need to find me a recipe I go searching online and I tend to find more creative ideas there.
  19. kammy

    Teach them to clean up from early

    I so hold true to this notion as it's either now or never; it is imperative that we teach our children from a tender age to clean up their own mess regardless of how much they despise doing this or else chances are we parents will be spending the rest of our lives cleaning up after them.
  20. kammy

    Turning baking into a cute comic - lemon drizzle cake

    Very creative idea indeed although i don't think this idea would appeal to my daughter as she is now in her teenage years however i bet my little nephew would be very much enthused with this idea.