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  1. PattyCakes

    Do you have certain days for baking, or just when the mood arises?

    I am a bit erratic when it comes to baking cakes - I tend to bake cakes at the weekend, and maybe once during the week, but I only bake cookies once a while. Bread is always done on a Thursday (a big batch for the week), and any experimenting outside of that is just when I have time to fit it...
  2. PattyCakes

    Dinner rolls - what is it that makes them so light and fluffy??

    Dinner rolls I think might be an American thing, or maybe it's just that I haven't come across the term over here yet. Nevertheless, I'm intrigued by them because they look so amazingly light and fluffy! The nearest thing I can relate them to is sandwich buns or baps as we call them here, but...
  3. PattyCakes

    Need help using up your sourdough starter?

    For those of us who make sourdough breads, we all know how annoying it can be to have to throw away some starter that you just can't use. I try as much as possible to use it up, but I'm always on the hunt for a new recipe - particular some sweet recipes, because you cant beat that depth of...
  4. PattyCakes

    Ground rice in shortbread?

    I love making shortbread, and I came across a lovely recipe the other day for pistachio (I have a pistachio thing going on at the moment!) shortbreads. The recipe calls for ground rice which can be a bit difficult to get hold of. Has anyone tried grinding rice down in a blender or food processor?
  5. PattyCakes

    Have you ever tried a date, walnut and coffee cake?

    I came across this cake when searching for coffee flavoured cakes - I love my coffee flavoured cakes!! You soak the dates in coffee to begin with, then put them into the cake mix all plump and lovely. I've made date and walnut cakes in the past, but I thought I'd ask if anyone else had come...
  6. PattyCakes

    Favourite time of the year for baking?

    I guess my favourite times of the year for baking are like most others: Christmas, Easter, Birthdays etc. I like baking all year round really, but I do find it hard going if we're having a warmish summer. Here in the UK we thankfully don't get too hot in the summer too often, but we can have a...
  7. PattyCakes

    Waffle recipes

    Does anyone have any different recipes for waffles using different flavours or additions? I just bought a waffle maker and the instructions only give a recipe for a basic mix. I'd like to make something a bit different, if possible.
  8. PattyCakes

    Do you bake anything for Valentine's Day?

    I've never bothered making anything for Valentine's Day before - my husband and I don't celebrate it. But, I have an urge to do something to get a bit of practice with decorating, if nothing else. Has anyone ever tried putting fondant over one of those heart shaped cakes? I imagine it's quite...
  9. PattyCakes

    Have you ever made miniature cakes?

    I keep coming across these little cakes in magazines, and online. They look so cute, and there are so many different versions from sponge cakes to fruit cakes, and some are covered in fondant and decorated so beautifully. I've never tried doing any - have you? Here's some pictures:
  10. PattyCakes

    What are you baking this weekend?

    I'm baking two loaves of sourdough bread, and hopefully a batch of chocolate brownies with salted caramel - a recipe I saw on tv a few weeks ago. I don't do a lot of baking in January because usually we're still getting over holiday indulgence, but sometimes I just have to bake something...
  11. PattyCakes

    Have you ever made a tiramisu cake?

    I love tiramisu as a dessert, but I've recently come across some recipes for a cake version. I know it has sponge in it already, and for the most part it's kind of already like a cake in some of the versions it comes. But I'm wondering if building it like a round cake is really worth all the...
  12. PattyCakes

    Pumpkin Spice Mix

    This stuff is so expensive here in the UK; maybe it's because it's still a fairly new import, but it's £5-£6 for a 31g jar!!! I know it's possible to mix your own, but I think everyone has their own version. Does anyone here have a recipe mix of their own they can share with me? Many thanks!
  13. PattyCakes

    Marshmallowy frosting recipe

    Does anyone here have a recipe for a squidgy and marshmallowy frosting? I'd love to give it a try on cupcakes, instead of the usual buttercream recipes I tend to use. Would a marshmallowy frosting pipe well do you think? All help greatly appreciated! :)
  14. PattyCakes

    Have you ever made challah bread?

    Apparently it's a Jewish bread that's enriched with butter and eggs (I think!). It certainly tastes sublime, and I'm thinking of having a go at baking it. Before you do the second proof, the dough is plaited, or you can make smaller ones that are twisted prettily. Just wondered if anyone here...
  15. PattyCakes

    Carrot cake - any recipes without oil?

    Does anyone here have a reliable recipe for carrot cake that doesn't use oil? We've had a thread here in the past about substituting butter for oil in certain cakes, and I'm confident it can be done. The trouble is I've tried a couple of recipes that I found on the internet but they haven't...
  16. PattyCakes

    Have you ever made bundt cake?

    I think these cakes look lovely, but I can't help thinking it would be a nightmare to get them out of the tin though. Does anyone here bake them? I was lookng at the cost of the tins online, and they're pretty expensive. I'd still like to know if it's worth the effort though.
  17. PattyCakes

    Are you a batch baker?

    Yesterday, I made a batch of breads: sandwich loaves, rolls, sourdough, and English muffins. I like to know that I have enough in the freezer at any one time, and I don't have to bake bread again for at least a week. I'm going to do a batch of scones and cookies over the weekend, and freeze...
  18. PattyCakes

    Have you ever made almond paste icing, or do you just use marzipan?

    I was talking with my mother in law yesterday about a cake she's baked for a christening, and she's working on her icings now. Normally I would just buy a block of marzipan and put that onto the fruit cake before applying the royal or fondant icing. My mother in law is making her own almond...
  19. PattyCakes

    Dry lemon cake makes great trifle sponge!

    I tried a new recipe for a lemon loaf cake on Saturday, and even with the drizzle, it was little on the dry side for me. What intrigued me about the recipe was that it had nutmeg in it, and this is not something I've come across in a lemon cake before. The cake did have a lovely flavor, and...
  20. PattyCakes

    I love sweet breads!

    I really love sweet breads, and often favor them over cakes or cookies. Recently, I've also been on a chai journey where cookies, and even a chai spiced banana cake have been made and enjoyed by my household. So, when I came across this recipe for a chai cinnamon swirl, I thought I'd share it...