Any batter dispensers for small amounts, like pizelles?


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May 16, 2013
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I got a pizelle maker a couple of years ago and have made some excellent amaretto white chocolate pizelles with it, except I wish the process of making them was easier. If the batter is on the thick side, you have to scrape it off the spoon onto the iron, delaying getting the batter on the other cookie wells and causing some serious mismatch in doneness. If the batter is on the thin side, it drips all over, causing dark drip marks or lopsided cookies. You have to have thick batter and work very liquid to get everything to turn out ok. (And what with removing them from the iron and trimming off the excess, you really need two people working assembly-line style.)

I would try a squeeze bottle, but it would be impossible to measure the amount you're squeezing out (wouldn't it?). I'd love some sort of batter dispenser that measured the amount, but they all seem geared to larger items like cupcakes. Is there any easy way of doing this?


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