Butter separating from toffee caramel

Dec 20, 2021
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I'm making a very small batch to line the bottom of an apple pie. Originally this idea came from heating sugar and butter directly in an iron skillet apple pie recipe-- there was so much unorthodoxy about this recipe, but it tasted amazing. The method required putting the bottom crust in a hot skillet over the melted sugar/butter mixture. This year I realized I could melt the butter and sugar in the skillet and let it cool before lining the pan. I was very lucky and got it right the first time and did not burn the sugar. This step seems so fussy that one would ask why do it? Well I used a very nice turbinado sugar, and it's mind blowingly good. Sublime! Strange but sublime.

I had to serve people at the Thanksgiving dinner this year because I realized in the past people would help themselves and often times leave much of the caramel behind--often times it is stuck light cement on the pan. It's not good if you can't taste it-wasted turbinado.

For Christmas I had the idea of heating the sugar/butter in a separate pot and pouring it into a mold. I was caramelizing sugar these past few years I did not realized it that it was caramel --actually a verisimilitude of caramel- because it the result was not homogenous at all, but sugar floating in a pool of butter-- this was the method I came across in the recipe. So I actually looked up how to make toffee... Right now I am having trouble keeping the butter from separating from the toffee. I am only making a very small amount .. 100grams ... so perhaps it is heating way too fast and not enough time is allotted for the sugar and butter to combine? Also I used too much salt. Would that interfere with the chemistry of the sugar butter combination?

I'm posting a picture but I had already cleaned up the butter that oozed out of the ring. Originally it was poured into an expandable cake ring over a silicone matt.

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