Caramel Apple bites

Nov 26, 2015
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So I made this recipie, Basically ginger snap crust, apples ran thru a food processor, some brown and white sugar, apple pie spice.
Cooked them off, the crust set up nicely, firm. Let them cool, put the in a rubbermaid container with the lid laying on it. Not attached. Got ready to take them for Thanksgiving dinner the next day, WHOA! The moister from the apples(??) had basically melted the crust. I cooked the apples down until the filling was fairly dry, but still a filling. Any ideas??
This was a Facebook recipie called "Cramel Apple bites"


Sep 7, 2015
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Unless you are using a custard or pudding like filling in a graham cracker/cookie type crust, then it will soak up whatever moisture is in the filling, especially fruit. Fruit is 90% even if you cook a lot of it off, it will still retain a LOT of water.

Your best best, if you are going to do something like this, is to use dried or dehydrated fruit.


Once you have baked the crust and let it cool a bit, spread a thin layer of cream cheese filling over the crust, THEN put your wet fruit filling on top of that. The cream cheese filling should keep the moisture from soaking into the crust.

Simple cream cheese filling is creamed cream cheese, with a bit of powdered sugar and vanilla in it.
For something like apple filling, you can put a tiny bit of cinnamon in it if you want.

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