Cold Oven Bake vs. Pre-Heated...


May 21, 2019
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Note: I'm still having issues with creating sourdough and, really, until I can say that the dough I used had good gluten formation, plenty of fermentation and was well shaped, this comparison is questionable. But since I did bake one loaf cold and the other preheated, I might as well reveal my results however flawed the dough.

Note also that my oven is one of those old fashioned types where heat comes from gas burners below and rises up—presumably perfect for a cold oven bake. Obviously, I've no idea if the cold oven method would work the same for any other type of oven (like convection). I would certainly read up on it and find out what would be the correct temperatures and timing for your kind of oven before trying it.

The results...pretty much the same. Photos below.

The one on the left was baked in a cold oven. That means the pot I put the bread into was cold. The oven I put it into was cold. I shut the door and cranked it to 500°. After about 15 minutes, I turned it down to 475° for another 15. This made for a total of 30 minutes baking in a closed pot rather than the usual 20. This because the cold oven bake instructions for my oven require an extra 10 minutes (duh, right? Got to bring up the oven to temp). After removing the top half of the combo pot, I gave the bread another 30 minutes at 450°.

The one on the right was baked after the first in a preheated oven, and preheated pot. I kept it at 475° for 25 minutes, then, after removing the top half of the combo pot, I let it bake for 30 more at °450.




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