Cookies that stay soft when frozen?

Nov 5, 2016
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Is it possible to make a chocolate chip cookie that is both soft when frozen and does not use corn syrup? Want to make ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies and store them in the freezer, but the cookies always come out so hard that everything in the middle just smushes out, and the cookies break your teeth off when you try to take a bite... Any advice at all about this would be helpful. Thanks!
Sep 7, 2015
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First off, I have NEVER seen a cookie recipe that uses corn syrup!!

If you want standard choco chip cookies, then no matter what you do to it, it will freeze hard.

If you want something soft, then you are either going to have to make "muffin top" type cookies, cake cookies, or meringue cookies.

"Muffin top" and cake cookies will freeze stiff, but they thaw pretty rapidly once exposed to warmer temperatures. They are soft, and if not frozen right, they can fall apart while eating.

Meringue cookies supposedly do not freeze well, but you can freeze them. Again, this type may freeze stiff, but should thaw pretty rapidly.

Freezing baked cookies is ok, if you need to store them that way for travelling or what not....but standard cookies tend to 'dry out' when frozen. Something happens between the oils and the flour. It is very subtle, but it does happen. The choco chips can also turn white, but that means they just got too cold while in the freezer, but still edible (for about 6 months).

If you don't like the cake cookie types, then I can only suggest you make very thin standard cookies. They will be more fragile, but you should be able to eat them frozen.

Aside from those, I can only think of the kinds of cookies that are almost like crackers. Thin, crispy, and dont get soggy too fast. Only problem is, you get all that breakage once you bite into it.

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