Cream aeration

Jul 18, 2018
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Good Evening dear All
i want to know and learn from you why cream after aeration process is not stable on the production line , not equal quantities , has a lot of air with it when coming from the nozzels and i feel that it does not mix well with air ?
when to use cold mode or hot mode on the cream ?
what is te best pump to transfer cream with steady flow and quantity ? i have a screw one .
what are the proper temperature to work with cream ?

your reply will be highly appreciated
thank you so much


Jan 12, 2020
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Its not stable unless you stabilize it, there are stabilizers available.
HPLV pumps work best, I don't know if the screw type is best, it might be compressing the product.
if the cream is spitting from the nozzle thats a sign the air is being forced out from the cream.
Maybe you need a piston type pump vs screw.
The cream obviously has to be very cold to combat friction temps.
You would do well to talk to a food process engineer who deals with fluid dynamics.
I can put you in touch with a very good one, he's retired now.

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