Customer cake complaint

Jan 4, 2022
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Hi guys, hope you all well ?
Everyone’s work is fantastic on here. Come across some Lovely ppz.
I was wondering if you could help me.
I’ve had my first complaint lol
So I baked and decorated a cake, cupcakes and cake lollies Friday. Kept in fridge delivered to local house on sat they kept in cold cellar took to Dudley about hr away max. On label I wrote it should be good to eat till the 6th.
Then cut ate over half of cake that day. Messaged me Monday at 8/9pm saying they went to cut a slice which has been kept on box in fridge and have come across this which looks like mold. She stated cake said good till 6th on the box.
I went to explain I had done a black cake same time and most Likely the plate I used to put spatulas and scraper on may have had black b/c on it between decorating and has transferred and bleed giving it that colour. I offered discount on a next cake. She is adamant it’s mold I have said to her to freeze the piece. I’m thinking of saying freeze the remaining cake to when someone comes next week to bring it to take a closer look and maybe ask another local baker. She has also asked is the rest of the cake good to eat as she wanted to give to family 3/4 days later?

I also used same batch of b/c on cupcakes on Friday which were kept out and eaten today by another customer. No mention of anything.

I’m really upset and confused . All the contact was through her family whom I’m friends with. Whom messaged today saying how lovely it was etc and how much better then last cake they had from someone else. She said she mentioned it to them but they did not relay this to me.

What do I do and how do I handle this ??


Jan 12, 2020
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My own policy which served me well was always to refund all their money if they aren't happy.
Then avoid selling to them again. This presumes I know there was no real problem.

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