Different types of rye flour

Sep 18, 2022
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Hi, absolute fresh off the bus new baker here, I've been given a sourdough rye starter and I'm looking into making a Danish rugbrød, having had one years ago in Norway (from Bakker Hansen) and having my mind blown away..

My question is, the recipes all call for a mix of :
350 g sammalt rug, fin
400 g sammalt rug, grov

roughly translated, both are wholegrain, but one is fine- and the other coarse-milled.

Having consulted a Norwegian site (speaking some Norwegian myself) I found that there are indeed different grades of milled flour in Scandinavia (both in wheat and rye flour), and in fact different recipes for 'coarse bread' or 'fine bread', but I can't find any mention of either fine or coarse rye flour online, only light, medium and dark, which, as far as I've researched, refer to how much of the grain is kept or removed?

Could anybody clarify this for me?




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