Doughnuts too greasy!

Aug 7, 2022
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I am relatively new to baking and trying to figure out doughnuts. I have done the dough kneading process well, coming out with a sticky elastic dough. It is when I come to cook the doughnuts they come out super greasy, taking on tons of oil.

First batch I suspected oil was too low at 160c so the second time I tried 180 and 190 but both yielded greasy nuts.

The second rise I am leaving about 30-40 mins but I'm not very good at the poke test, so I am unsure if I am overproofing?

Any tips for next attempt welcome


Jun 23, 2017
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Over-fermented dough results in:
  • low volume
  • high grease absorption
  • light crust color
  • short shelf life

Finished dough temperature (temperature of dough after mixing) should not exceed 78°F - 82°F (25.6°C – 27°.8°C)

Bench/bulk Proof:
80°F (26°C) less than 4 L dough
76°F (24°C) more than 4 L dough

If dough reaches or exceeds 85°F (29°.4 C) it will ferment too rapidly and gas out. it will then result in the above problems.

Final proof:
80°F (26°C) not to exceed 85°F (29°C)
Humidity 80–85%

humidity is necessary to prevent a skin from forming on the dough

over-approved dough results in;
  • open grain
  • coarse crumb
  • poor shape
  • blistering
  • ruptured crust
  • high grease absorption
  • low volume
  • pale crust color
  • short shelf live
without specialized equipment it is very difficult to make a quality doughnut at home.

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