Excellent Craftsy Cutout Cookie Decorating Class

Jun 23, 2017
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I’ve been going through a lot of Craftsy videos since they relaunched to see if any are worth recommending.

If anyone is looking for a video on cutout cookie decorating, I would highly recommend Stephanie Kappel’s Craftsy Better Basics for Exceptional Cookies. Even if you have made decorated cutout cookies before, Kappel’s video class will teach you what you didn’t know.

I don’t bake and decorate cutout cookies often. My sister hosts a cookie decorating party once or twice during the holiday season which I attend. I may get the bug to bake and decorate cookies once or so on my own throughout the year. So decorating cookies isn’t something I am very knowledge about. So I watched all the sections of Kappel’s class and learned a lot.

Craftsy has a lot of hacks on their baking site. I haven’t been impressed by much of what I have seen so far. But Kappel is an exception, she is good—-and I mean really good when it comes to decorating cookies. And she knows how to teach. She covers the different textures of royal icing (she shows you how to to it) for the various uses from flooding, outlining, to fine detail work. She covers proper techniques for flooding and outlining, to design elements to get the most unique looks. I didn’t realize that there is a method to outlining that makes the design really stand out. Kappel is going to make you unlearn what you were taught in cookie decorating 101, and teach you how to make your cookies look professional.


Kappel’s website



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