French Macarons: A few questions

Mar 18, 2014
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I want to attempt to make these for the first time and I want to know something:

I'm very new to baking and I just love it. It relaxes me and I enjoy it a great deal. I have a book on these French cookies and, though they do seem complicated, as I study the recipe more, the better I understand. However, I am wondering the following:

Why do we need to 'pipe' these French cookies?
And, instead, can I try baking them in a whoopie pie pan? If so, would I need to pipe them?

I don't have bags at the moment, or tips, so if I need to 'pipe' them, can I run them through something similar?

I am an amateur as you see, and I'm trying to understand some things. any info would be helpful!!


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