Gingerbread not out turning exactly right


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Dec 27, 2018
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Hello, I need help in knowing or why is my gingerbread house patterns are not matching correctly?
I am a beginner in baking I just started to learn how to build my first gingerbread house for my granddaughter during the Christmas Holidays. I first began studying as to how to build a gingerbread house and how to create the recipe. I had follow the recipe directions/instructions, read all the notes and tips that came along with it, purchase mixers, cookie cutters, pans and so forth. The recipe for the gingerbread dough came out right. roll out the dough as specified in the recipe (1/4 inch) cut out the shape/patterns bake according of the directions. After it is bake and removed check if done, and upon examining the dough patterns I notice that the front and back walls are not matching all together. Example, the front wall is thicker then the back wall. or the left side wall is shorter and thinner then right side wall, or the roof is thicker then it should be. I have repeated it recreating the recipe and cutting out the patterns, checking if the thickness is exactly the right size. No matter what I do it is always coming out as mismatch. I have repeated or start all over for over 6 times and I still could not get it right. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate the help.



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Mar 26, 2013
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Cookie dough tends to spread in the oven due to the heat, so when you need a precise shape there are a couple of things you can do to mitigate this. Check out this video - you'll see that she cuts the shapes but leaves the excess dough around the edge, and re-cuts the shapes partway through.


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