Gluten Free Bread Collapses

Apr 1, 2019
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Does anyone have experience in determining why Gluten Free Bread collapses after taking it out of the oven? We live at 4600 feet elevation, so I use high altitude adjustments. I didn't have this problem several years ago, but have had it this last year. I have purchased new yeast and keep it in the freezer to keep it fresh. I've also changed to only proof the yeast for 7 minutes (saw this under someones troubleshooting guide).

I've posted a picture of the sad looking loaf I baked today. It was beautiful coming out of the oven, then did this as it cooled.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

Chino Valley, AZ



Nov 7, 2019
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Looks like it made a big bubble which fell flat after baking. Wow 7 min proof? That's really short. It must be instant yeast. I've been staying with old fashioned Active yeast instead of rapid/instant and using longer proof times and two rises and it seems to help with this. I've had this happen too. I don't think you need to buy new yeast though, but you might try a long cool rise in the refrig instead. I'm not familiar with instant yeast but I would guess 2 hours in the fridge and then a half hour on the counter before baking would help.

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