Heat Treated Flour/ Pasteurized Flour

Feb 19, 2017
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In regards to the post a few posts down from me, I've also had this question for awhile now. I live in the United states, California to be exact, and can't seem to find a pre-heated flour bag anywhere. I don't mind in ordering in a slightly large quantity from anywhere in the United States but everything I've searched online led to me to websites in Europe. Anyone have any suggestions? There are people who own edible cookie dough stores online and what not that use this kind of flour, so it has to be out there somewhere.


Sep 7, 2015
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Well, my search kept popping up King Arthur Flour Company, but I don't see heat treated flours on their list of products. You might email them to see if they have it, or know who has it in the USA.


Here's a company that sells it in bulk in the USA.....
You might contact them also, to see if they could sell smaller amounts or know anyone who does....


I looked at Gold Medal, General Mills, and Pillsbury...........and none of them have heat treated flours listed on their products page. You might want to send them suggestions that it would be a good idea to carry heat treated flours on their lineup of products. That way, maybe one of them will, and it can be accessible in the grocery stores.

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