Help needed finding right tool for creating molds

Nov 7, 2017
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Hi there-- I have a bit of an unconventional question. I bake treats for pet rabbits and I have been making each treat by hand. I need a tool to speed up the process.

I need a multi cutter that is sharp (not plastic, but tin/steel/metal) and that has a mechanism that presses the dough down once it is inside the mold. The ingredients in the treats aren't naturally very sticky, so I need that extra pressure to make everything stick together.

The only thing I found somewhat like this is below-- but it isn't sharp enough.
Does anyone else use a tool that sounds like it would fit this need in the baking world? Or is there something I am not thinking of that easily cuts through pretty grainy/loose dough and molds it? I keep also envisioning something like a waffle maker that creates multiple units and pushes the dough down into molds-- put I can't find anything like that online anywhere!

Any help would be much appreciated!



Aug 7, 2017
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I can't think of anything off hand, but how big does each treat/nugget need to be? I found this tip for making dog treats, but the mold is indeed silicon, and there isn't a pushing mechanism.

Could you rig something up using a heavy gauge grating such as this ( clamped to a flat sheet on the bottom and use a top sheet to push and flatten your mixture into it? You might need to devise a tool like a blunt toothed comb that fits into each of the openings going across and pops them out when baked or air-dried?

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