Help! Whipping cream does not whip even tho I think I am doing everything right

Aug 30, 2020
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Hi All!
Please share any tips you might have. Thanks! :)
Sharing my experience of trying to whip cream about 7-8 times. I have read every website and watched every YouTube video out there.
1. I have tried using all kinds of cream in the market from heavy cream, whipping cream, regular cream, the really expensive whipping cream
2. I make sure to chill my cream for a couple hours before I even attempt to whip. I also freeze the bowls as well the beaters and additionally add ice in a bowl underneath the bowl with the cream.
3. I then thought that maybe its still not hot enough so I also tried whipping cream in an air conditioned room with the ac set on min temp. (The weather was pretty decent today so decided to attempt it again but failed as always)
4. I have tried the beaters fast first and then slow and also slow first then fast.
5. I also have tried adding the sugar at different times.
6. Also once tried corn flour to help it thicken but failed :p

I feel like I have tried everything under the sun yet my cream just doesn't whip. I mean, it doesn't even thicken. It stays as it came out of the package.
Please please if anyone out there has a solution, Id be eternally grateful. Just a full proof way to whip cream.
Thanks already!


Jun 23, 2017
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Patience. I’m certain you are just turning off the mixer too soon. There is no reason for the cream not to whip. The ambient environment doesn’t effect the cream‘s whipping texture unless the cream sits out for several hours. Whipping the cream is about protein denaturation and creating an air and water foam. So you have a air cell that is surround by a fat droplet. And that is stabilized by protein. All of this only happens with agitation.

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