Jam tarts

Discussion in 'Pastry' started by lleulu, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. lleulu

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    Feb 6, 2014
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    So, last week I just had these amazing tarts and I was wondering if there was any recipe I could try to make them at home. Luckily I found one and it seems that they are quite easy http://britishfood.about.com/od/eorecipes/r/jamtarts.htm. But the only problem I had with the tarts I had was that they were just so sweet! I was wondering if any of you had any experience with making these and if yes what do you recommend to make them less sweet? Thank you :)
    lleulu, Feb 7, 2014
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  2. lleulu

    justusforus Well-Known Member

    Sep 3, 2013
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    So Cal
    I personally would pick a jam with a bit of a bite like elderberry or boysenberry. I am not into sweets that much. I suppose you could create your own filling. I just remembered I got a jar of homemade pomegranate preserves and it was so tasty and unique. Good luck.
    justusforus, Feb 9, 2014
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