Loaf issue

Jul 31, 2020
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I've been making (& eating!), a loaf of bread thrice weekly over the last 3-4 months. I usual make a variation on the same loaf, but not always. I usually make a seeded wholemeal no knead loaf, using a mix of strong white flour, Strong wholemeal flour, rolled oats, and a combination of seeds, varying each time, using 2 of poppy seeds/sesame seeds/pumpkin seeds & sunflour seeds each time.

The bread is always lovely, but I have a problem with the loaf splitting on one side, it looks like to allow steam out (baking in a loaf tin). This means that the slices fall apart when you go to cut it. I have tried it with both a 2 pound and a 3 pound tin, but it doesnt seem to matter. I have tried slashing the top of the loaf, to create an easy place for the steam to exit, but still it splits along one of the long sides! The whole purpose of baking in a tin, is to make it easy for making lunch time sandwiches, and for toasting it in a toaster, on occasions. I may need to try to bake as a round loaf, but this would be less cost efficient for me.

Any ideas??
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