Macarons De Nancy

Discussion in 'Cookies' started by Lee_C, Apr 4, 2019.

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    Otherwise known as Almond Macaroons. This is one of those confusing names where it's actually a macaroon and not one of those sandwiched macarons that look like a yoyo.

    I made them because my mum fancied some so I told her I'd have a go at making some. Well we both love almondy things so I also made some for myself. :D

    Two attempts. First attempt, too thin, nice chewy inside, but when they cooled, they went hard like a biscuit, kind of more like those amaretti cookies. Tasty but not what I was aiming for.


    Attempt two, pretty much exactly what I wanted, and what a Macaron De Nancy looks like with that nice cracked crispy crust and staying soft and chewy inside. They're very yummy.




    Here's the recipe for anyone interested in making some.

    100g Ground Almonds
    100g Icing Sugar
    2 egg whites (I used 2 medium eggs)
    Vanilla extract and almond extract.

    Sift ground almonds into bowl. Probably don't really need to sift it but it does make it less coarse.
    Add sugar and mix together.
    Whisk egg whites to fairly firm peaks. I used an electric hand mixer. I was able to turn my bowl upside down without it falling out.

    Add about a couple of capfuls of vanilla extract to the almonds and sugar and mix.
    Then add the egg whites, (I added most of it as I didn't want the mixture too loose). Fold in to make a paste like dough that isn't runny. So it kind of slowly drops off a spatula.
    Add in about a couple capfuls of almond extract and mix for a few more seconds.

    Chill it in the fridge for about 10 minutes.
    Remove from fridge and spoon the doughy mixture into a piping bag and pipe small blobs or a spiral shape onto baking paper. You don't have to pipe it, you can also just spoon blobs on and flatten a little with your hand or the spoon.

    Important: leave plenty of space between each one to allow for expansion during baking.

    Optional: Put flaked almond in centre or a few randomly, or a whole almond.
    Dab or brush water on each one, this helps develop the cracked top coating.
    Dust with icing sugar. This will melt with the water forming a crust and giving a bit of a shine.
    Bake at 160C/300F fan assisted or 180C/350F non fan for about 12 to 15 minutes.
    Let them cool. If you spray water under the baking paper while cooling, it really helps lift them off as they're a little tricky otherwise. You can dust with more icing sugar after they're baked if you want to. Enjoy. :)

    This is just before mine went in the oven.

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    Lee_C, Apr 4, 2019
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    Yum these look delicious! :)
    Becky, Apr 5, 2019
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