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Jun 23, 2017
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Hi all,

would anyone be able to tell me what this cake is called? It was almost like a chocolate covered sponge but I can find no pictures like it when I search for sponge. Please help!
Google “Mississippi Mudslide Cake”. I can’t say for sure from a blurry photo, but a dark chocolate with white icing is a telltale sign of a Mississippi Mudslide Cake. Some times called a Mississippi Mud Cake, but that version is made as a sheet cake with a rocky road like topping.

They don’t have to have the white icing. They were very popular as the chocolate layer cake in event cakes about 5 yrs ago among event cake bakers who worked from home based kitchens. They are usually oil based cakes, made with dutched processed cocoa powder and some powdered espresso powder to kick up the chocolate flavor.

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