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Aug 24, 2022
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Hi all,

I plan to open a small bakery shop with fresh products. I have previous business experience but not in the food nor in the retail sector. If the market will validate the concept, I plan to open more of them, hopefully a chain of bakeries in the near future. For this I need a list of products with simple cooking process that can be standardized through procedures and it doesn’t require very high skill from the baker to get a predictable quality end product and doesn’t require complex or hard to manage bakery equipment.

I need help in identifying the bakery products which meet these criteria. The main product should be something that can be grabbed and eat on the go and could replace a meal (like a big burger, pizza or sandwich kind of thing). It should be very tasty and showy in a way that would make it "Instagramable” and don’t look like an ordinary sandwich from a gas station or airport.

The ingredients should be sourced readymade from suppliers so it wouldn’t require complex or long preparation on location. Some example of such products would be the schiacciata from the All’Antico Vinaio or the Spanish bocadillo de jamon, which are made with ingredients like ham, cheese, vegetables, salami, olives, olive oil, aioli etc.

The rest of the products should be bakery products like pies, baguettes, cookies, croissants, brioches, pretzels etc. And I need some sweet bakery product ideas to complete the line. So what products would you recommend in the main line and what as the main product?

Thank you for any idea and help


Jan 12, 2020
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maybe you could open a coffee shop with sandwiches.
add simple things as you go along, cookies, muffins, scones, all available frozen ready to bake in a small counter top elec convection oven. To do real baking you'll have to spend a LOT of money for a commercial installed kitchen, its very pricey and good bakers are very rare. I just wouldn't go down that road , you aren't a professional competent baker.

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