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Dec 27, 2018
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Hello, I am new and sorta of a greenhorn in the world of baking. I just started to take up on baking as a hobby, since I am 60 years old and not very fond of going to senior community center. So to start a hobby I had chosen to try baking. In the past I always wanted to try my hands in building a gingerbread house.
So here I am. I decided to try and ask for assistance in a forum community. I am looking forward to my new journey into the world of baking. Merry XMAS and a Happy New Year..



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Mar 26, 2013
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Welcome to the forum! Great to have you here @bnrr :)

I guess one of the main things to know about baking is that it's a science. Each ingredient serves a purpose, and if you alter a recipe (eg by using a substitution or changing a quantity) then it will have consequences. So it's quite different to cooking, where changing ingredients alters the flavour more than anything else. Also I'd recommend using scales to weigh ingredients rather than measuring them by volume, as you get far more consistent results from weight.

This is my favourite gingerbread recipe, although I've never made a house with it:

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