No bake cheese pie

Jul 17, 2013
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Ok, since this is the children section I thought it'd be appropriate to share this easy recipe! I'm sure a lot moms will have fun trying it and their children will surely love the taste of this tasty pie. Plus it's so easy and doesn't require a ton of ingredients!


1 graham crust or you can make your own
1 bar cream cheese
1 envelope of Gelatine
1 can condensed milk
Lemon juice to taste

Simply hydrate the gelatin by sprinkling slowly the envelope in 1/4 of a cup of water, mix well with a fork. The baine marie the water cup with the gelatin until the gelatine has melted. Wait until it cools down, but not too much.

Mix the cream cheese with the condensed milk and the lemon juice in the blender. Add the gelatin and mix a bit more. Pour it in the crust pie, refrigerate it for at least 4 hours.


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