Pistachio tiramisu

May 14, 2020
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Hi there! I have my heart set on making a pistachio tiramisu, and I want to get it right. The ingredients are pricy! Hahah

I'm thinking cardamon spiced cake layers. (Should I stick with ladyfingers or switch to a chiffon or sponge?) Would an almond flour cake enhance the flavor or absorbency?
Will soak it with espresso and booze, then add
Layer of ground pistachio
Layer of mascarpone custard
Layer of regular whipped cream or coconut cream? Which would go better?

Which liquor goes best with pistachio? I got spiced rum, whiskey, and rose liqueur. Would this be too many flavors?

Thanks, all!


Jun 23, 2017
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Hello and welcome. Tiramisu is tiramisu. When completely change the components it’s no longer tiramisu.

If you are going to use cake, a sponge cake would work better than a chiffon cake. A chiffon cake will not absorb all that espresso and hold together.

The liquor is added to the espresso. The ladyfingers are then dipped or brushed in the espresso and liquor. You can taste the liquor in a ladyfinger because it’s a very neutral cookie. I don’t think the liquor is going to be that detectable in a spice cake.

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