Questions on Tweaking a Recipe? French Apple Cake?

Oct 28, 2019
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Hi There,

I've tried a French Apple Cake Recipe and have a bunch of questions I'd love answered so I can make another batch asap this morning?

Here is the link for the Recipe for reference

Can you please advise me on how I can substitute other fruits in place of the apple?

I have two different ideas as these are what I have in the cupboard right now ok!
1) Tinned Pineapple
2) Or a mix of Tinned Peaches(Soft of course) and Tinned Pears (Quite hard).

I was thinking of either using the Pineapple, or a mix of both the latter fruits.

I was planning on straining the fruits and not using the juice, but wondered if i could use some juice in place of water or some liquid to add extra flavour (but without making it too soggy?)

If not, I would strain the fruit but wondered if I would need to squeeze the pineapple with a fork to get as much liquid out of it so it also doesn't make the cake too soggy?

And wondered if I should do something similar for either of the two latter fruits also?

Are there any general rules with adding/reducing moisture and squeezing moist fruit dry etc when substituting different fruits etc?

Also, Could I drizzle some of the juice over the cake before putting in in the over, after sprinkling with caster sugar - to add some extra flavour?

The other thought was to lightly ice the cake at the end with plain icing sugar or mix (not sure why the difference?) mixed with a little of the fruit juice for flavour? Any advice on this or is it a bad idea?

Please advise me on what you suggest?

I also have no alcohol for the recipe so I used 1.5 Tablespoons of Maple syrup.... could I double that in future or what would you suggest? I don't want to make it too strong?

Also, Can I simple double the recipe in the same size pan - will this change the cooking time any more/less than just doubling it? Or should I use a different size pan for a double batch?

Does anyone ever suggest using waterbath's for cakes/baking etc?

Any other interesting suggestions/ideas to make this recipe even nicer would be appreciated!

Thank you



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