Raw Pumpkin in Pie

Oct 8, 2019
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Hi everyone!! I'm brand new here and I'm really excited to engage and learn with/from you all!

So, I've been making my own pumpkin puree for pies for about 5 years. Always to great reviews; even my husband who hates pumpkin pies likes it even though he still prefers my butterscotch.


This weekend I made a cake for a client/friend that used raw pumpkin in the cake, not puree. I gotta say I was so impressed with the amount of pumpkin flavor that came through that I'd love to try it in a pie! The raw, grated pumpkin was processed with the butter to essentially make a pumpkin butter for the cake and it replaced any other liquid (besides the eggs) because of the high water content.

I cannot find anywhere online about anyone using raw pumpkin instead of cooked in a pie and I have no idea where to begin converting a recipe because of the liquid/water content of the pumpkin and am hoping to get some great tips and advice from people with more experience than me on this!

Thanks bunches!


Jan 12, 2020
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You're wanting to make a pie, the example cited was a cake so I'd definately use milk or cream in the pie.
I'd just open a can, you can't beat success.

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